Sunday, May 24, 2009

what i was striving for

that is hanging in my kitchen and i see it every time i walk into my apartment. when i'm cooking, feeding bella, baking, washing dishes even, it is something that instantly makes me smile and relax. simple and true. it puts any problem i am having into perspective and makes me just stop and be thankful for the things i have.

the last few months have been interesting. living alone. new job. semester ending. amazing san fran vacation. talking to and seeing old friends. another semester closer to graduation. ups and downs and back again. i would say a few people extremely surprised me. good and bad. i learned about who i want to be and who i don't want to be. i learned people who are honest are rare but the ones that are, never let go. i am lucky to have the best friend in the world and knowing people like her exist make up for the liars, the passive aggressive people, the jerks, the close minded people, the selfish ones.

speaking of selfish. elad brought his gf here to america. well. he was sleeping with some girl in miami but his gf decided after a year and a half of waiting for him to let her buy a ticket, just bought one and came. she has been going around to my friends asking why i dont like her and how she wants to talk to me. now, after answering elads phone and having the opportunity more than a few times, seeing me once, and knowing where i can be reached, why not actually try and talk to me when the opportunity has risen? oh. maybe because you stole my bf, changed his tickets, screamed about me for the last year, called me names, and not allowed him to talk to me. and told him it was me or her. oh. right. i am supposed to totally be your best friends forever. of course. she can sleep with my ex, live in my old apt, in the bed i slept in, the sheets i bought, with my furniture, try to think my dog is hers, take babysitting jobs i can't do, and she can never understand that he is not a prize to win. the life of mine she thinks she want i willingly gave up. in my opinion i have to do nothing with her good or bad so i wish she would realize that.

i love when i dont blog because it means my real life is so busy i have no time.

my trip to san francisco? amazing. i saw my best friend for 5 days of awesome. if you go to san francisco, go to fishermans wharf, amazing food and the best clam chowder bread bowl ever. even if the weather is bad, GO. its. a. must. also the secret menu at in n out=amazing. target with my best friend on a saturday night is one of the funnest things ever. usually we are both shopping but talking on the phone and its a bi coastal shopping experience but this time we got to be in the same target! b's bridal shower was adorable and amazing and she looked beautiful. i love all her friends out there. brodie was the cutest boy dog and i loved his tennis ball obsession. i was so glad i got to hang out with matt, my best friend in law. seriously, it was such a fun trip and i felt completely relaxed and comfortbale. i can be anywhere in the world and if i am with b, i feel great. love you bestie!!!!


Angela said...

I do love that saying.

Carissa said...

glad you had a good trip to san fran! fisherman's wharf is pretty amazing (love that sourdough bread!) and yes, in-n-out, secret menu or not, is damn good! :) lucky me, I'm only 10 minutes away from one. (ok, not lucky for my waistline!)

best friends are the best. and I love that quote: happiness is a journey. I think it is good to be reminded of sayings like that everyday, and what better place to put it than the kitchen?! haha

Mandy said...

One of my favorite quotes as well. These past few months have been intesting for you, but they have also been incredibly transformative. Learning who you want to be and who don't want to be are pretty big things. =)

Kylie said...

Very nice quote that we should all live by.
Great pics! Looks like you had a ton of fun!!