Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i want to do bad things to you

insomnia is awesome. or, more likely, weird changing schedule's are awesome. and by awesome i mean not so fun since i actually want to be sleeping but can't. bella is clearly having no problem as she has been passed on for hours. best cuddler ever though. she slept while i watched episodes of true blood. when i was in san fran on the way home i bought the sookie stackhouse book "dead until dark" and was not disappointed. so since i liked the book so much i figured i'd see how true blood was since it's based on the series.

thank you comcast for free hbo for a year. also thank you for on demand.

i have been watching episode after episode. i have always loved anna paquin. she is my number girl crush and i just find her very likable. i love her voice. steeb and i have a love for anna paquin and for me she does not disappoint. so i knew there would be a god chance to like the show alot.

now i was worried because of my love for twilight. could i love 2 vampires series? could i love the cullens and sookie? would i hate the show because it wasn't twilight? i definitely was worried about my expectations and i was proved wrong.

i love love love the cullens best of all. honestly, how could you not? edward cullen is definitely the most romantic and hot vampire. hands down. but.
i love true blood. bill compton is a sexy vampire but the whole show is full of amazing characters. anna paquin is a perfect sookie. she makes the show for me. it is definitely very very different from twilight and thats why i think it's easy for me to enjoy it and not compare. now the new vampire diaries show...well we shall see. not holding my breathe.

so. new ringtone? "i want to do bad things to you" by jace everett.

summer school starts tomorrow. i should get sleep as i work and then have a class from 6-945.

the thing is though, i don't mind because having a goal and knowing i'm working towards something makes it worthwhile. i don't mind when people complain but gratuitous complaining....makes me want to complain lol.

kinda can't wait to see who the first person will be with my new ringtone!


Mandy said...

I've never read any of her books, I'll have to give them a whirl.

Kylie said...

Another blogger recommended those books too. I'm gonna gove them a try this summer. I hope you get back on schedule soon. Not being able to sleep sucks!

Katelin said...

mmmmhello cullens. i sort of love you all.

Carissa said...

me and the boy watched true blood during its first season. i had never heard of the sookie stackhouse books or anything... the boy just heard from a friend about this great new show and he wanted to check it out. at first, I was creeped out. and then I was addicted! I haven't read twilight or seen the movie, but I love True Blood. I also love anna paquin as sookie and bill compton is definitely sexy!! I am not normally into vampire shows but this one has got my attention. can't wait for the new season premiere!

good luck with summer school!