Thursday, May 28, 2009

100th episode of snapped? i'm excited!

i picked up the graduation packet today at school. i am graduating next may and they want it in my august. it was pretty exciting to pink it up and start filling it out. it definitely makes things more real for me. it makes it even easier to work hard and push myself. 7 classes this summer. 6 in fall and 4 in spring. i am also declaring my sociology minor. it is just exciting to complete this degree and look forward to my future.

i am happy but i definitely feel in limbo. i love my life and am happy with friends, being single, my jobs, and my apt. i just feel like i can't wait to have a family and kids and a career. it will all come in time and i am content to wait but i know that this is just a time to achieve my gaols and make my friendships stronger and just enjoy myself.

i went to the dollar store and the thrift store today and they did not disappoint. i got 2 gap dresses and a banana republic dress and a ton of books and a recipe holder with recipes. okay and q tips and some cleaner and a hair towel.

i had the best convo with bianca where we youtubed saved by the bell, california dreams, hang time, usa high, empire records, beaches, my girl, too wong foo, mermaids, and some others ending with this gem. please enjoy and rent this movie!!


Mandy said...

Thats very exciting that graduation is in sight. I've been feeling in limbo as well regarding a few things, though not about getting married and settling down. Enjoy the time you are in now. =)

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

I love the dollar store.

Carissa said...

"all I know is, I got a lot of balls."

haha, classic.

so exciting that you will be done with school soon! I know you are looking forward to your future, but make sure you enjoy this last year of school. it will fly by quicker than you think! I'm 2 years out of college and sometimes I still wish I could go back! haha. family, kids and career will come in due time so do like you said-- achieve your goals, make your friendships stronger and enjoy yourself! that's the best advice and you gave it to yourself! :)

Shoshanah said...

I absolutely loved Ladybugs! Pretty much a classic!