Monday, June 1, 2009

the one where i have a date?

Betrayal is a thorny crown
You wear it well
Just like a king
Revenge is the saddest thing
Honey, I'm afraid to say
You deserve everything
rilo kiley

i went on an unexpected date last night. it was actually really nice and that surprised me. i have known this guy for about 2 years now and heard of him for 3? i actually used to not be able to stand him. he just annoyed me because he was very...not ever rude to me but not welcoming consider he and i share a bunch of friends. he also told me after tal left that i had horrible taste in men and gave me a hint about tal and his not so monogamous ways.

so a few months ago we ended up having a VERY random make out and there was some text miscommunication and I left it that he was roommates with one of my best friends and I didn't think anything good would come of it. I made it clear that because I have slept with some Israeli's, I don't just sleep with whoever asks and I really didn't care that he hasn't had sex in forever. [note: text messages and people whose first language isn't english makes things unclear at time but NOT when the question "what do you want to do" is answered with "sex"]

Surprisingly nothing was weird after that and in fact its been nice seeing him when I go to my friends Mayaans place to play Call of Duty or hang out. [you should have seen the look on my face when all of sudden I realized I was playing as an arab insurgent. i guess i pictured nameless sides, not something so real made me feel weird] Anyways i went to Mayaans on Friday night after work and we hung out for a while. TJ was obviously there and he was pretty fun and agreeable to talk to. When he went to this bedroom for a few minutes Mayaan told me that apparently TJ likes me and I'm like whatever and he's like no he does and I'm like I dont care if hes horny and Mayaan says that no, he actually likes me and talking to me blah blah and I'm like we'll see, i don't know how i feel.

Next thing I know it's saturday night and I get a text asking if i want to go to a movie. (a) i don't know how to say not to people and (b) i like movies, so i agreed. we ended up going to see Angels & Demons (thanks Mandy for the suggestion!) and he paid which I am never that comfortable with. if someone buys me the ticket i like to buy the soda/popcorn but he didn't want any so yeah. I liked the movie alot [p.s. ewen mcgregor, i missed you!]

i don't like blood or certain violence/gross things in movies, hence why i've never seen any of the Saw movies or Hostel or whatever, and i kinda covered my eyes which proceeded in him covering mine for me which lead to his arm around me for most of the movie. it was actually really nice to lean my head of him and smell how delicious he smelled, which was very! and i don't know, i like affection. after the movie i dropped him off at his apt [he actually bought an audi on friday and picked it up today so he was carless for saturday and i drove.] so we kissed for a minute and then he told me i was invited up but not for sex just to literally sleep with him. it was actually pretty cute and so was his button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up some and the way i think he meant no sex. i went home though because i like sleeping in my own bed and i had to work in the morning. i guess we'll see what happens.

everything was nice and pleasant but i'm just not sure. on the other hand when i have sparks with a guy, it never ends well and they are usually assholes in disguise. so in this case i will take it slow and whatever happens happens. its kind of nice.

so in summary i worked friday 4-12, saturday 830-5 and 5-1130 and sunday 10-8. i went to a movie. i didn't twitter all weekend. i played call of duty. i had quality phone best friend time with bianca. i missed bella [the ex has her for a few days] and i apparently fell in love with using[].

i also found out i love my own mix cds. i found a few in my car and took a listen. they were named things like "morning madness" "cure for the winter blues" and "sunday with bella". my fav was my "h.m. + m.c." cd. yeah that's right, hannah montana and mariah carey mix.

i had my first "energy shot" drink thing today and woah it worked. i had a huge craving for salt and chocolate and we all know what that means. thanks iud for all the symptoms but no bleeding. sorry for the tmi.

tomorrow i need to buy some new jeans.

kristen stewart? looking good! taylor lautner? looking hot! robert pattinson? priceless :)


Jaime @ Fast Times said...

The guy I'm dating now... I used to not be able to stand him either. Weird, huh?

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Ouhh this sounds exciting. Are you guys planning something together soon ?
Have fun but guard your heart :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for fun dates. I just found your blog today at work (I swear I do work there) and I fell in love! You have such great posts!!!

Kylie said...

Sounds like he has potential...

Glad you had a great date anyway!

Carissa said...

glad you had a fun date, even if you're not sure where it is going to go... sometimes it is just nice to hang out with someone and, like you said, get that affection.

oh, and I don't like bloody/gory movies either and have never seen saw or hostel! I am such a fraidy cat!