Thursday, June 25, 2009

why was perez hilton blasted for his actions but michael jackson is exalted for his death even though he almost certainly molested children and at the very least was highly inappropriate [really though he settled and paid out blood money, r kelley at least went through his trial and he was sure as hell guilty].

it sicken me that because people don't separate perez hilton, a job and persona, like bruno or borat, from the creator mario lavanderia. michael jackson was a talented artist but a sick man. should someones actions be forgiven because they are talented?

perez says what a lot of people think and he is blasted? thats like saying we should lie to peoples faces but talk shit behind their back. thats what many people i know consider okay? he has an opinion and if you dont like it, DONT READ IT. obviously he is so popular because people agree.

remember, if someone provokes someone, violence is okay right? a girl wearing a short skirt walking home by herself is asking for it. she dances and acts slutty so she is sending that message out, right?

i am just so sick of people not wanting any shit talked about them but they do the same thing. its okay for bloggers to have opinions as long as they arent against popular opinion. the internet is for everyone and i love that people forget that perez has so many worthy causes he promotes. so he makes fun of people who get paid to be put in the spotlight. do i always agree? no i get annoyed when he picks on miley but i understand its a job and good or bad, it's his right.

michael jackson was a man who was talented and disturbed and harming children isn't a joke .i mourn the child he was under joe jacksons manipulation and abusive ways. it formed his adult life which was filled with problems. someone said that it was the parents fault since they are legally in charge? so i bring my kids to someones house and it's my fault they are molested? oh wait, i should know not to bring my kids to the house of a molester, therby proving hes the molester? pick an argument.

i am kind of sick of the interet and blogs and twitter. i have stopped commenting and been busy and just...i cant deal with more complaints without looking on the brightsides BUT i recognize their rights to do it and i say if it makes you happy, do it. I am not the interent police and if i dont like something, i dont read it. end of story.

rip farrah fawcett, someone who gave a cancer another face for the world to see. she was a beautiful soul and brought fetahered hair to a new level.


wekeepsaying said...

woah, i've only been reading you for a little while, but i like you already. your opinion is almost on par with mine. i can't help but think that it's odd nobody is mentioning that he molested children or had a fucked up childhood himself that lead to that. everything's about what he did with music, how great he was vocally, his dance moves, how he started a music revolution. he also hung his baby off a balcony and lured little kids to his ranch.

i don't know the extent of who he was or what he did because i never followed him, i just didn't care. i'm not all up in the celebrity news, i have enough shit going on in my own life that i need to deal with, why do i want to worry about someone else's?

anyway, i just wanted to say i agree with you about the mj thing.

Steve said...

As far as Perez - I think there's a big difference between stating your opinion and being hateful / excessive about it. He's hateful. And he was hateful towards Will I Am. Doesn't make it ok that Perez got punched, but Perez was asking for a response. He was instigating for a purpose. He didn't "ask for it" or "deserve it" ... but it's like a dog biting a kid when the kid has been messing with or abusing the dog: who's really at fault?

Frankly, I'm offended by the fact that Perez has followers. I credit him for having some scoops or exclusives, but he's just so insulting, demeaning and childish that I can't stand him. Congrats, you can draw dicks and cum-stains with MS Paint and leach internet from Starbucks. I give genuine respect for turning so little into so much, though.

For Michael - People choose to remember the good things. Think about your old relationships. Odds are you're going to think about the good times you had with so-and-so or how great this person was with whatever. You're not going to think about the actual reason you broke up. It's much easier and more pleasant to focus on the positive.

When Perez dies, people will mention that he had a bazillion readers and helped change blogs and usher in a new era of celebriteasing.

Patrick said...

Surely if Perez Hilton has the right to freely say things that make him a jerk, then we all have the right to say he is a jerk.

"It is my opinion" or "I was just joking" are not defenses for being an asshole.

Perez Hilton, like most celebrity gossip-mongerers, is a parasite who spends his life being as mean and offensive as he can and then whines when he gets called on it. It's usually homophobic, usually misogynist, and always vapid and stupid.


P.S. None of this should be read as a justification for punching him. said...

Michael Jackson had a full and very publicize trial. Despite his actions, whether true or not, I think people are distraught because they are fans of his music. In addition, people are genuinely concerned for his children the family that he left behind. I am a fan of Perez. However, if you are going to publicize something on an internet site, then perhaps you should do your research and make sure that the facts are indeed accurate.

When you use twitter, blogs, or various forums to "post an opinion", you are not writing for yourself. You expect a PUBLIC opinion. That opinion may agree or disagree with you. But when you use the internet that's what you should expect. No one knows what went on with Joe, Michael Jackson, those kids, the family, etc. Unless one was in the room or the actual presence, then one can't make a factually statement.

May he rest in PEACE!