Saturday, July 25, 2009

let's go to the mall

I love writing but I have been really busy and kinda blah about this blog which is sad because I still love reading blogs. I love Carissa's new hair and Mandy's recipe for cheesy chicken lasagna and I love that so many people are looking the Sookie books. I know I never leave comments but I still like reading some of my favs. A lot of it is being busy and just, sorry to say, not caring. It's fun to take a peak into people's lives but at points I just have so much going on in mine it's hard me to read a bunch of blogs. (even though I usually end up doing it in one lump sum). Maybe it's because I like the blogs that are just peoples lives and not their careers and opportunities. I am so proud of Aritza for going out and having fun with Rami. I love how Katelin is engaged and how positive and fun her blog is, it aways makes me smile, especially her celebrity babies! Also, if I didn't have Joy how would I live without this How I met Yor Mother/Les Mis clip? I wouldn't thats how!
As you can see, my little Bella had some surgery and had to wear a cone. Which, since she hasn't been licking, hasn't been worn too much. She also got micro chipped and is all up to date on shots. I am minus $400 of well spent money. Took her back in for a check up today and she is good to go. Friday they will remove her stitches but she seems pretty okay.

School is halfway done for the summer it's definitely intense. I will be at the library tomorrow studying my ass off. Good times. Pretty much I just want to pass my classes and figure out my final fall schedule. I had a few issues with one teacher but they seemed to have worked themselves out.

Staying with my Mom has been pretty much awesome. I love her and it's so fun to hang out, take walks, watch tv, talk, have dinner, etc etc with her. She is seriously amazing and I would be lost without her.

Oh yeah. A branch hit my car and thank you $1500 later, ugh. That's life.

Next week I am touching up my highlights, getting a trim, fixing my bangs, getting a mani/pedi and being happy my bff comes on Sunday. Bianca will be home for my birthday on the 8th and I am SUPER excited. Love love love this girl.

Also, a 5 legged puppy that almost got sold to a sideshow circus as an exzibit was saved by a lady and has had surgery to remove the extra leg. Poor pup was having a hard time running and sitting and after surgery is on the mend so yay for puppy and owner!!

Obviously like everyone else I am super excited for New Moon and still love me some rpattz. Although since that's not for months I am really interested in True Blood and some Sookie/Eric loving. It looks like they want Eric to make a deal with Lorena to take away Bill or have him Betray Sookie which to me isn't true of the Eric in the book but whatever, they seem to be having a field say with creative license. We shall see though.

Having goals and achieving them is where I am at right now and planning for next year, last year I basically planned for this year and so now it's that time to think ahead, apply to schools/for scholarships/get ready etc. You have to do what you love and you also have to be realistic so I am doing both. My Mom is on board with my not being in Chicago next year so that's a huge relief.

Some things never change. Some people will always give you butterflies. Some will always make you smile. Some are the other half of you. Some you will always take that guilty pleasure is seeing you look doing better then someone else. Some people will be the missing pieces and some will never quite fit. Sometimes we don't know what the piece will be until the puzzle becomes clearer but thats what life is about.

So things I'm loving right now? Kendra. How I Met Your Mother. True Blood. General Hospital. Cash Cab. Being too busy with real life for my online life and seeing alot of people feel that way. The future. My tan. Ice cold water. My family. Lisa Kleypas books. Old Friends.

This is for Bianca lol


bianca said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE robin sparkles!!! did you know that i have that video on my ipod and during my 1st year law finals, i watched it right before they distributed the test. Whenever something came up that I didn't know, it didn't matter because i kept singing "let's go to the mall...TODAY!!!"

You have to watch her 2nd single: "Sandcastles in the Sand"

That show is genius

Mandy said...

I am glad that you're having a fun summer. Thanks for the link love lady. Wooo for getting your final fall schedule hammered out and good luck. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

reederscorner said...

I've never seen the whole video - it's so great. I'm Canadian so I liked it that much more, but we do not pronouce about like a-boot. LOL

Carissa said...

thanks so much for the sweet compliment! I was definitely in need of a change with my hair so I am glad I went for it :)

but I totally understand where you're at with the blog thing. I have been feeling blah too. busy but also unmotivated to post... makes me kind of sad! because I love reading others blogs too, though, as you may have noticed, I haven't been commenting as much either! boo on me. but yeah, I want to get back in the swing of things. I'll see how that goes :)

Bella looks so cute in that pic, a little sleepy though, haha. Hazel always looked so sad when I had to put the cone on her, but she IS a licker, so I had to do it! pets are very expensive, but they really are worth it, aren't they? (though, if you asked me that yesterday after Hazel chewed up my computer cord, you might have heard a different story!)

anyway, this comment is uber long now, so much more I could say (like sorry about your car and I am loving Kendra and Ture Blood too!) but I will go now...

oh, wait one last thing. love when you said this: "You have to do what you love and you also have to be realistic so I am doing both." agreed.

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Hey ! Wow, thank you for that :) I didn't know you were keeping up with my adventures, I'm glad to hear you enjoy them because sometimes I feel like I'm just rambling about little teensy weensy everyday stuff..but, it's my life, ya know ? :)
Cutie little Bella with her cone, glad she's doing good though :)
It's a good awesome thing if you're too busy IRL to care for the online stuff ! We'll welcome any news from you but in the meantime, go out and have SO MUCH FUN !!!