Sunday, August 9, 2009

i am so excited for the lovely bones movie out in December. they released the trailer and it looks amazing. one of my fav books plus mark walhberg? yes please.

my birthday? amazing. waking up to my best friend bringing me hugs and awesome gifts and bella. breakfast with my mom. brunch with dad. dinner with friends. drinks, food, the best cheesecake ever, and laughter.

'Cause I am always where,
I need to be,
And I always thought,
I would end up with you eventually
the kooks

new psych was good and i liked the monk episode. true blood is so love/hate. love it but it just isn't the books.

school is almost done, 3 days.

i miss things i shouldn't.

the littlest things are what make life worth it.

i'll never understand how someone can actually help so much but on the other hand be a narcissistic bitch. very odd.

i forgot how much i love ben lee.

i have the best friend ever. its ridiculous.

goooooooorge baaaaaaaaaaanks


Jaime | Fast Times said...

I love the Father of the Bride movies! I used to have them on VHS. I need to find them on DVD!

I'm also excited about The Lovely Bones, it looks a lot better as a movie than My Sister's Keeper does. I'm afraid to see that one.

Matt Stratton said...

My friend Marcelo cuts dialogue on Psyche :)

Mandy said...

Sounds as if things are going well. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope school ends well.

Carissa said...

glad to hear you had an awesome birthday!!

I am so excited for the lovely bones too, though I haven't seen the trailer yet... I should go look that up. But that is one of my fave books, probably second after Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie.

I am a little love/hate with True Blood too, but not for the same reason as you (since I haven't read the books). I feel like I don't believe the scenes between Sookie and Bill anymore... and then I found out, kind of late, that they are dating in real life and now engaged and I think maybe that has to do with it... what do you think? Also, I just want to know what is going on with all the weird shit with the crazy dancing clawing lady (don't remember her name). Guess I just have to keep watching :)