Monday, August 17, 2009

baby vamp

Look to the left. What do you see? An awesome 3 year old rocking the Vampire teeth? hell yes! If you could only see the home movie, you would totally realize I am giving Eric a run for his money with my "i'm a monster" lines. People might say they were into vampire before twilight and sookie but i've been repping since 1986, just saying. Also notice my adorable haircut. I was watching home videos on the good ole vcr and and snapped a shit with my cell phone which is why it isn't so clear. i need to convert the vhs to dvd soon. i want to make copies for my entire fam since its the only footage we have of my papa who passed away in 2004. my grandmas hasn't heard his voice since and i know she would love it. he was amazing man, rest in peace.

if you're my fb friend you've seen birthday pics but this is my fav from my 26th [gasp how old] birthday. hot hot day so dresses were a no go and so was drying my hair. best friend, best cake, best birthday. i really did have an amazing time and am so lucky to have such a bestie.

in 5 short weeks she will be getting married and its going to be amazing. as i tell her, i need some paxil or prozac so i dont become a weeping mess. shes so beautiful and happy in her dress, that makes me tear up. i heart her fiancee and just can't wait for the celebration of my fav couple!

i NEED the fangastia calendar.

i need sleep.

i need for my car not to be a jerk.

i love my mom. love love love love her. even when she drives me crazy and im being a stubborn brat she is the best. i can't imagine not telling her that every day.

i just realize i actually started writing this post with correct capitalization but it didn't last long.

i have had the biggest urge to watch the lion king

hakuna matata


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Hehe, cute cute cute baby vamp :) lol and I'm sure your grandma will appreciate the family video ..

Happy belated birthday :) That's a gorgeous picture of the 2 of you !

I'm sure it'll be a VERY emotional moment when Bianca gets married .. I can't imagine what will happen to me when Lolita gets married .. and vice versa! It'll be a hot mess for sure :) It's all good as long as they're happy tears !

xox Take care !

Kylie said...

I'm lovin' the vamp look!

Have fun with your besties wedding...You will have a blast!

Andy said...

You actually stopped in the... 7th line. Oops. :)

Have fun at B's wedding. :)