Saturday, August 15, 2009

if my life is mine, what shouldn't i do

so! summer school is over and i am SO glad. i mean seriously it was insanity how many papers i was writing. the class i was worried about i found out i passed so the rest feels good and its nice to have free time. 2 more weeks and it's back to homework. i like being busy and focused though so i am almost looking forward to it. next semester im taking: drawing, english, contemporary philosophy, medieval philosophy, philosophy of law, and sociology of sexualities. only one class fridays so thats kinda awesome. my last year until grad school [knock on wood]

that's when she said I don't hate you boy
I just want to save you while there's still something left to save
that's when I told her I love you girl
but I'm not the answer for the questions that you still have
rise against

sunday nights are officially the best nights ever on tv. while i usually would say monday night is because of gossip girl and one tree hill, it's actually now sunday. monday night has chuck bass and my one tree hill guys but they are boys. antonio sabato jr and eric northman are men. sex hot men. who go shirtless. and inspire lurid naughty sex. and who are charming. and who i dont feel like a weirdo watching.look at this beautiful italian man. look at those dimples, whats sexier?? nothing. so. he is so charming and sweet and kind and sexy. yum yum yum.

tonight's episode of true blood was HOT. the eric/sookie was amazing and godric was so sweet. my grandma seeing breasts was interesting, she was like are they naked and i was like uhh, yes.

i'm writing this as i'm on the phone with my one of my best friends[love you trish] so excuse me if this isn't the best written post but whatcanyado.

oh. i have a new layout!

my mom made me a delicious steak for dinner and it was fantastic. love my moms. also loved steamers peas. very good and good for you.

cleaned my room. started getting excited for new school supplies. i absolutely love new pens and notebooks and pencils and paper and highlighters and sharpies and a new assignment notebook. i have always loved it and clearly nothings changed. i like to color code my pens and notebooks and now you all know what a nerd i am.

want to smile? go here.

tomorrow is work all day, maybe a movie, and a good friend might be having her baby.

mondays are possibilites.

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Mandy said...

Fun new layout. I hope you get enjoy these next few weeks before school starts again. I love that quote from the Dalai Lama, it sums up my feelings on religion.

Andy said...

Love the new layout!! And I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks about school excitement. When you're absorbed in homework, let me know if it sounds so pleasant!

Kylie said...

I'm lovin the new layout!
Steak & peas...YUM!
Team Eric all the way!!

Carissa said...

first, I love your new layout! so cute and fun! I really want to change mine but I am not good with that stuff and I am not sure I want to pay someone... haha

second, you are so not a nerd. ok, maybe you are, but I am one too because I also loved getting new school supplies! that was always my fave. unfortunately, I don't go to school anymore... sadness. but I still get a special joy when picking out a new agenda book for the year because I still RELIGIOUSLY use that!

antonio does look really cute in that photo, but I haven't seen the show yet. and I haven't seen the last 2 True Bloods, though they are on my DVR waiting to be watched...

oh, and I saw those heart puppies on the news and they are so adorable! I wish Hazel had a heart-shaped spot!

finally, I will say I love that quote/image. kindness works wonders, for reals. hope you are having a good week!