Tuesday, August 25, 2009

because i have free time

so i went to the thrift store on saturday with my friend charise and had an awesome time. we tried a ton of stuff on, laughed a lot, i bought an outfit a la mrs roeper from 3's company and some old lady glasses and a 70s style wine cup which will totally become a halloween outfit thankyouverymuch. i got super tired after a while and was totally lounging around in the store. charise got a bunch of amazing dresses and pants and we got books and i got a bundt cake pan. good times!! the best things i got were the Sarah Jessica Parker Blazer from her Bitten Collection, brand new with tag still attached! its comfy and stylish and totally makes me excited for fall [sorry mandy ;)] the j crew scarf is fabulous and also new!! i LOVE the argye on in! the other scarf i also totally like and plan to wear a ton. the 2 leather clutches are fabulous and so cheap and i cant wait to use. the moccasins are from target but for 3.48 thats an awesome price. i also picked up a private hotel for gentle ladies which i finished and really liked. i got a copy of the secret life of bees which i read a few months ago and recommend.

this leads me to what else i did this weekend....the library!
i have mentioned my current obsession with lisa kleypas and i got quite a few of her books after a lengthy search with the librarian. i also picked up the charlaine harris books that have some sookie/sookieverse short stories which might tide me over til more true blood/a new sookie book. i picked up some books on kabalah as well and a few collections of fiction short stories. thats a new section in the library i'm loving. they're actually from the non fiction section but the anthologies are great and theres one on love i'm going to read next.

also at the library i had a creepy incidental with a man from match.com which i was on OVER A YEAR AGO!! this crazy dude kepy messaging me there and i blocked him. then one day im at the library and he starts saying i look familiar yada yada and gives me his name/age/etc. im like whatever but when i go home i realized he was the match.com freak AND he gave me a different age. so i just said whatever eww and that was that. cut to this weekend when i'm in the mystery section and hear someone say 'tiffany'. i obviously look and say 'yes' and then see some guy. it takes me a second and i realize its the same creep and i say " OH NO no no no" and just walked away. i thought maybe it was rude but then i was like hell no im being safe, right? i mean what would you guys do?? ugh!!

also i have decided to go on weight watchers to help me get back on track and manage my weight and get to a heather point. to be honest, i like how i look enough and am happy. i would like to be healthier and i know its just easier to be a lighter weight. i am NEVER going to be a size 2, 4, or maybe a six. but i want to be more active. i LOVE my curves, my ass, my breasts, my shape. I love my face, my hair, my skin. Am I always happy? No one is. Not even supermodels who get airbrushed but thats okay. Who i am is not my weight but it is a part of me, does that make sense? I am not going to get myself all pumped up and psyched to fizzle out after some over extending work out plan. I am going to ease in with weight watchers so I can hold my self accountable, actually utilize my iphone for food tracking, and maybe figure out a workout routine after i get into my school schedule. right now my current my thing is weight watcher mint choc chip ice cream (2 points) mixed with their chocolate cake (1 point) because its SO satisfying and a much healthier alternative.

my downfall is late night eating mixed with being a nanny with kids who LOVE carbs which are my mortal enemy. mac and cheese and pasta and pizza all the time. ugh!! but i will work it out a la high school musical 2 style *cue music and zac efron dancing*.

i am beautiful and i feel beautiful and i am me and thats that. confidence is sexy. and i am sexy. and we all are.

oh! i sent my conversion application in. wish me luck!


Mandy said...

I always enjoy hearing about your thrift store finds, they are always so fabulous. I really do enjoy fall. Give me a few weeks to work on letting this summer go and I will be digging out my favorite fall jackets too. =)

mattstratton.com said...

I read Generation J a while ago, and I do recall being somewhat unimpressed. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly what I didn't like about it. Maybe I'll re-read it this week so that I can have make a more intelligent comment about it :)

mysaucerfulofsecrets said...

I wanna shop at your thrift stores! You always have great finds!
The next Sookie book is short stories (in October) but then the NEXT one (May 2010) is continuing the story line. CAN'T WAIT!!! Have you read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? I LOVED IT!!
I know alot of people who are doing WW and loving it. It seems easy to stick to and not too restricting making you wanna cheat on it. I should totally jump on that wagon. I need it!

Carissa said...

I am always impressed by what you find at the thrift store! such great finds! I love the SPJ jacket and J. Crew scarf too! actually, I kind of love everything. those moccasins are too cute.

that does sound like a creepy experience at the library, but I think you did the right thing by walking away. I am too nice oftentimes and I might have stayed and indulged in conversation for a minute, but really? he is creepy so yeah, totally walk away. I LOLed that you said No no no as you did it, haha, but hopefully he got the picture and won't approach you again if he sees you at the library...

oh, and carbs are my mortal enemy too! good luck with WW, tell us how it goes, I would like to do something like that but I don't think I could afford it... but you are beautiful and sexy so I am liking your attitude of just getting healthier! really, working out or dieting for any other reason usually doesn't stick anyway.

ok, sorry for the long rambling comment. hope you are having a good day!

Katelin said...

ooh love all the thrift store finds so fun! and umm yay books.

that is all :)

Bayjb said...

SO JEALOUS of your thrift store finds, seriously I never have that kind of luck!