Friday, August 28, 2009

she wolf

i need to.......

buy a ticket to san fran
go tanning
buy school books
buy a wedding gift
buy a bridal shower gift
buy glasses
buy a strapless for the bridesmaid dress
buy new pens for lists to write in the new franklin covey planner i need to buy
make a hair and nail appointment before san fran so i dont have roots or scraggly nails
buy jewelry for the dress

i need to buy a lot of things and also make the money to buy these things.

i just went to a brit, school starts monday, i have a bar mitvah next sunday, i'm out of town the next weekend, and then its biancas wedding!! and then i move!! so its going to be busy with 6 classes, a big list of things to do, a long drive to and from home but i dont even care. i need to fill out applications and look at schools for next year and start with the Rabbi and it feels SO good to be busy and accomplishing. im off to read some more library books and cuddle with bella and take out my contacts finally!!

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Mandy said...

You will be busy, lady. Enjoy every second of it!! I hope you've had a fantastic weekend!