Thursday, October 8, 2009

hands down

so i get to move into my new apartment next week and i'm getting really excited. to have my own stuff out and about again. the lighting the way i like it. just the feeling of me and bella and being SO much closer to school. having friends over. decorating for halloween. baking! cooking! friends (worth a double mention)! i can't wait for new curtains and finishing up my headboard (just need the fabric) and putting up my pictures and just having my own address. i will completely miss my mom and stepdad but the distance is SO far and the extra time will help me especially in winter. only thing missing is a warm body to cuddle under the blankets with and drink hot chocolate and carve pumpkins with. it feels like i've been single a really long time but it really has been a year and i know that i have gone on some dates and had some things going on but i haven't had the butterflies in my stomach- smile when i see his name on my phone- hand holding etc- that is the best part of dating. the problem is the only guy who gives me some butterflies is busy like i am and the timing isn't there. patience is a virture and i keep telling myself that.

also. i still LOVE one tree hill. love it. also obsessed with real world/road rules again. the office and glee. thats about where i am with shows. also i still love kate plus 8 and people who do not have kids should shut up because 1 kid can drive a person bananas and 8 means you have to be organized so now people see shes actually a good mom. what the fuck ever people i like her and that's that.

me not talking to my bestie besides email for 10 days is NOT fun AT ALL. i miss the hell of that girl and seriously my cell phone doesn't get any use with out her. COME HOME B i mean..hope you're enjoying your honeymoon ;) which knowing her awesome and sweet personality she completely is.

oh! check out the shoes i got for $5!! 

thank you thrift store :)

after a blink 182/dashboard/new found glory nostalgic moment i need new music. any suggestions?

also just finished:  happy hour at casa dracula and midnight brunch and am reading the third of the casa dracula series, the bride of casa dracula which are funny quick reads that are more laugh than vamp but a chick lit book. something fun and light. also finished: lost in the forest by sue miller and a few others but those stick out in my mind. oh yeah and stranger than fiction by chuck palahniuk. well ive also read the consolation by boethius and some al ghazali but thats probably not that interesting to people lol

so tomorrow is a new day and tonight is going to be a good nights sleep.


Carissa said...

the new apartment sounds like it's going to be tons of fun! can't wait to see pics once it's all decorated. I know you would like someone there to cuddle with, but I am kind of envious of you. I have never lived completely on my own and sometimes I wish I could! no one to get mad when my clothes are all over the place or I leave a dirty dish lying around :) and I could decorate the way I like and such... I think there are pros and cons to living alone and living with roomies or a bf. But I DO miss living with my bestie. that was the best cuz I got to see her all the time!

ok, sorry to ramble there... btw, those shoes are amazing! they look kind of like louboutins but the price tag is MUCH much better! very good find. I think I need to go thrift store hunting :)

oh, and I like kate too. no worries. jon is a douchebag. and I never use that word, so you know I mean it.

Steve said...

What kind of music are you looking for?

I Fight Dragons ( I'm a bit obsessed. Pop-rock with Nintendo sounds. Singers voice is silky perfect. And the songs are really well-written. And they're from Chicago.

Muse ( Gotta believe you're already hip to Muse, but if not, GET hip. If Queen and U2 had a baby, it'd be Muse ... the cooler, politically-aware older sibling of The Killers.

Anberlin ( Again, you're probably already hip to them. Softer rock. They're touring with Taking Back Sunday, but they're more akin to Dashboard or Jimmy Eat World or Angels & Airwaves.

Street Sweeper Social Club ( Tom Morello from RATM and Audioslave + Boots Riley from The Coup. Basically, if RATM made fun songs.

Kate may be organized, but that doesn't make her a good mom. I don't have kids and don't watch the show (so I don't have any information to support my position) ... but it takes more than a schedule book to raise kids. And when she's doing The View and crap, who's watching the kids (Please God, don't say Jon)?

bianca said...

Um hi, those shoes...freaking fabulous!!! I'm so jealous!

And yay, I'm back :)

Anonymous said...

$5 for those shoes!!! That's AWESOME! :)

Andy said...

The new apartment sounds great! :)

And I also agree with you on the whole boyfriend thing. ALTHOUGH... right now I'd just use him for warming up. It's freaking cold in here and I really could use some cuddling under the blankets!