Saturday, October 31, 2009

i want to fit in the perfect space

people come into your life and people leave. sometimes their absence has more of an impact than you than their life did.
today i took the best shower. you know when it feels so good to be under the hot water so you do everything extra slow to make it as long as possible? since it's fall/early winter i decided that i need to do some exfoliating. i make my own exfoliator of olive oil and brown sugar. it works amazing and your skin feels sooo clean and healthy and glows. its natural and cheap so i definitely recommend it. some people use honey and sugar for a face exfoliator and i might try that but i really love the brown sugar/oil combo. i am thinking about making my own shampoo and seeing how that works. i like making things because they are cheap and healthy and well, less chemicals are always a good thing.
i am SO excited that bianca is into one tree hill and almost caught up. it is a great show and i wish more people watched it. all gossip girl lovers should enjoy it. nathan + hailey=the nice chuck and blair. all the sexual tension, love, lust, without the backstabbing crazy. plus all the man candy on that show,yum! [i'm looking at you austin nichols and james lafferty]

omg omg general hospital is bring the good stuff this week. seriously the old lucky is back and the bitch claudia gets what she deserves. don't even judge me because i got into it this summer and i am addicted. unless you have watched a soap for a week, don't tell me its stupid kthanks.

i moved.
i bake cookies with my mom. i hang out with charise every morning. i go to school and try not to procrastinate and it sometimes works. i study and read and watch tv and read library books not schoolbooks and try to figure out my future. i help boys with papers when i have 15 minutes to finish mine and still accomplish both. i go to weddings and a funeral. i cuddle with bella. i go to the dollar store and thrift store and library. i enjoy my friends. i join ethics bowl. i laugh. i get the blues. i still want a new tattoo. i miss my best friend. i have skin that glows. i like a boy with skin that glows. i do my best. i dont do my best. i listen to the avett brothers. i buy tickets for new moon at midnight. i dont like the dunkin donuts by my apt. i question my faith. i read old blogs and want to find new ones. i need to lower my phone plan . i need to take the gre's.
if people dont work how do they afford things? credit card debt scares me when someone isn't working.
why do people say "i seen that" and not "i saw that"? it drives me crazy. my ex did this and i it sounds stupid and lazy.
why am i such an idealistic cliche at 26? and do i care? if people thinking being idealistic is bad well how can things get better?
i read that we shouldn't change the world but change ourselves and then world will change.


Mandy said...

Your new place looks lovely. I'm glad that you are well, I've been meaning to send you off an email. I've missed you.

Carissa said...

congrats on getting moved in to the new place! looks great!

your exfoliator sounds good and it probably smells good, but my skin is so sensitive I worry about mixing up my own concoctions. I use st. ives apricot scrub on my body and face and it does the trick... though it does leave quite the mess in the shower!

oh, and soaps are so addicting. I used to watch All My Children with my mom... I don't watch it anymore, but if I happen to turn on the TV at noon, I can easily get sucked back in :)

Andy said...

Yay for coming back and double yay for moving and triple yay for moving into a GORGEOUS apartment!