Monday, November 16, 2009

dr jones, wake up now

Dear crush:

I try to tell you what I'm feeling
You just keep on staring at the ceiling
I try to figure out what you're after
But it's always such a disaster
Oh come on come on
Well you've been messing with my head
For oh so long now
Oh come on come on
Well you've been messing with my head
And it's oh so wrong now 
'messing with my head' by tinted windows

i hate mixed signals more than anything. i am getting them so much and i am just done. figure it out. or not. but i am not waiting around. and yes, you have the prettiest eyes and smile. and i love that you told your cousin about me and how we talk and hang out and can talk about anything. and i like that you make a point to let me know you're hanging out with family and not girls. but what.the.fuck do i need to know that for if you aren't interested. just decide to take a chance or not. i am only asking for a clear sign or some words or just kiss me you idiot. i don't want to have 10 million of your babies or even give you a drawer in my apartment or a toothbrush. i just want to know that there is something there. don't tell me you're going to the event i'm doing at school but then be all whatever about drinks with the group after. you're 36! hello. you've been married. straighten it out. i love that you are comfortable with  me and that we get along so well but come one, throw me a bone here. or just kiss me. that would work too.


Carissa said...

I have found that the older ones are always harder to crack. seriously. my boyfriend is 36. and sometimes I think he still can't "figure it out." ha!

but just give it a little more time. it might be worth the wait :)

Andy said...

Ahhh... guys are so complicated...

Honestly, I was like that for a week, and good thing he hurried up because I couldn't hold it anymore. At the end, he DID kiss me, and in France, that's enough to *gulp* get you in a relationship.

walkingonsunshine18 said...

Men confuse the hell out of me! I have no good advice for you... sorry

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is older as well and he played with my mind for FIVE months! FIVE! He would take hours to text or call me back, but then act so smitten with me when were together.

My advice...hang in there, because we're going on 2 years strong now and things are simply perfect...finally.