Friday, November 27, 2009

I'll never fall in love He swears, as he runs his fingers through his hair

sometimes you want something and you go for it and you don't get it. and you surprise yourself with how okay that is. every time i do something i don't think i can do, i am really proud of myself. so things didn't go exactly the way i wanted to with the crush but they didn't go bad. and the point is i didn't fall apart or think it was something about me and i accepted the situation.

sure i ended up making and eating chocolate chip cookie dough in my pajamas while on the phone with bianca, listening to the fame soundtrack. but lets be honest, is this so different then any other night. exactly.

basically what happened was i got a text from the crush about he got a 94% on this paper i helped him with and how h had the motivation again to finish the semester strong. i was like well good you should be grateful with a wink and he said u know it and i was like well i dont but whatever and we ended up talking on the phone for an hour and a half.

things i learned? while he said he liked events he did go to my event because i was there and if i wasn;t there he wouldnt have gone. and he thinks im pretty and have style. pretty in guy code, i don't know what that means but it's nice and better then cute.

also. marriage has made that guy super gunshy and apparently does not want a woman in his life. BUT. there is a girl thats nothing but something but nothing which i of course am like 'oh so you're fucking her, gotcha' and he was like kinda embarrassed and said no but whatever. i told him it wasn't my business which it isn't. the fact is he doesn't have to explain anything to me. but we talked about a lot of things and cleared the air and to be honest? i am really glad to get to know him. i even told him, hey you're pretty to look at but i like getting to know you, not getting in your pants.

and i really have no filter from my brain to mouth.

i have the most ridiculous cough and sore throat. NOT fun.

i bought True Blood season one for 19.99 from amazon along with Psych seasons 1-3 for 12.99 each and Star Trek for 9 so thats a good thing.

my butt is smaller and more toned thanks to all the stairs i climb which is nice but i liked my butt big and round but cute is good too and it can never be small really. thank god its not big and flat.

new tattoo coming soon.

thanksgiving was good and fun and family filled.

seriously cough, GO AWAY!

i did see new moon at 12:01 last week with reserved seats via muvico so no standing in line and i loved it but can't wait for eclipse.

things i need to do? a zillion papers, school stuff, car check up, not be sick, book san fran tickets to see my b soon!

alright i took some tyenol pm so lets hope this kicks in.

also i love all comments but not sure how to reply, email? back on the blog? help?

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Mandy said...

Sorry things didnt work out the way you wanted with the crush. Good luck finishing things for the semester.