Saturday, January 23, 2010

baby, are we doing alright

so while talking to the bff last night we realized there are SO many shows they need to bring back. while there are a ton of new shows out there i love and watch and dvr and all that jazz, there are some shows that are in need of a come back.
  • mtv's FANatic-because who wouldn't want to see some homolicious adorable 15yr old being gaga's biggest fan dressed like her? i know i would.
  • vh1's rock n roll jeopardy. seriously mark mcgrath and cece deville owned that game. plus how fun would it be to watch celebrities do that. a show about thing i actually know the answers too. [well i actually kick a lot of regular jeopardy ass but still]
  • mtv's undressed-so many people were on that show, so many random stuff was going on, and it was like skinimax for teens. the plots were riciulous but i loved it and didn't have to watch consistently to get it.
  • hermans head-seriously what a funny show and they could make it really awesome now with  new technology and what not. 
  • daria- because who didn't have a crush on trent? 
 and i somehow published this unfinished? ok?

i spent today watching lifetime movies. the plumber came and my dog was lazy and i wish i had an elliptical in my living room. i also rediscovered my love for suffrajett, a great band.

have you ever read a book and wanted to be in the book in a realistic way and not in the "lets get rid of bella and get with edward cullen ourselves and be a kick ass vamp and not a whiny baby" kind of way? i own the book "love the one you're with" and the character has such a good life. it makes me want to live in atlanta the way "smart women" makes me want to live in boulder and own a hot tub.

okay seriously why am i not in bed?


Katelin said...

um totally had a crush on trent, haha. daria was awesome and i don't even think i understood it when it was on,haha.

Carissa said...

I loved daria! such a good show! and it was funny because one of my friends looks exactly like daria, so we assigned characters to all the rest of us, too. unfortunately, I was quinn. haha, remember her? daria's ditzy sister? yeah, that was supposed to be ME! :)