Sunday, January 10, 2010

you're singing to me baby in my head right now

So bella got more things today because she is a spoiled puppy but I did buy a basket to put all her toys in which I'm sure will last all of 5 minutes. At least it will be easier to clean up. I am making myself going to bed at midnight so I'll be up by 7:30 and ready for school tomorrow. I have Logic II, Modern Philosophy, and Women Men and Social Change. Should be a good day as the first 2 classes are with a fav teacher and a bunch of good friends.

Stayed on track with food today. Did have the mini meatballs from Friday with some rice which wasn't good, the white rice but I measured it and did count it and was still in my calorie range so that's good. Tomorrow I'm finishing up signing up for classes to do yoga, pilates, and cardio at school.

I am pretty sure my neighbor thinks I'm a 14 year old girl with all the Hannah Montana music I have going on repeat for days. Well some Newsies/Fame/Glee soundtracks have been on too...

Okay so B and I decided that I will bring some Dunkin Donut munchkins to my first class tomorrow with a fav teach/friends. Checklist for school tomorrow...

class schedule/rooms? check.
notebook/pens? check.
planner? check.
parking sticker? check (well we don't need it for 2 weeks and you get them at school)
printed things? not yet but I'll do at school where it's included in the tuition
excitement? check!

Also, Big Love tonight? Totally has me re-excited for the series. I seriously heart HBO and all it's good shows and the new ones that will air this year. Can't wait for more True Blood even though I wish the Eric/Sookie storyline was more true to the books.

I showered/lotioned/face washed/brush teethed/turned all lights off so bed time!! Have a great week and Monday everyone. Even if it is a Monday, it's such a great reason to sing along to 'Manic Monday'.


steph anne said...

Awesome with staying on track with food! :) My husband and I just started watching True Blood - am not sure yet if I really like it like I am hearing from everyone else.

Carissa said...

when no one is home, I sing girly songs at the top of my lungs. I'm sure my neighbors don't like it, but oh well! :) makes me happy.

and I am so looking forward to true blood coming back!

oh, and we all know hazel is spoiled too. she has so many toys it is ridiculous! and they are all over the living room. we have put some old ones away in a little dresser, but it's funny, sometimes she paws at the drawer like she wants one. but if I take one out, she just wants them ALL out. so I've learned my lesson :)

LiLu said...

I didn't know Big Love was good! It's on demand right now... might have to try it out!