Saturday, January 9, 2010

don't give me that face, when you know i'm really down for the chase

So, after watching Iron Chef America where the secret ingredient was anything from the White House vegetable garden, I feel inspired.  I'm thinking about doing some research and heading to the gardening store (nursery?) and the dollar tree to start my own little garden. Fresh things taste good, its inexpensive, and it seems like something fun. I'm definitely adding this to my 101 in 1001. My Grandma has an absolutely amazing garden and the fruits and veggies from there are phenomenal. I have a big ledge in my kitchen window that would be perfect for it. Eating fresh is a good part of living healthy and that seems pretty fitting with the new routine I'm trying to take.

Speaking of being healthy, this week has been good and bad. Yes, I totally had Chinese food with my Dad and then went to Bakers Square with my bff and her husband where we had BLT's and a slice of pumpkin pie with ice cream. So yummy but not good for calories. I am going to take a positive out of the experience because even though I really didn't want to, I still logged everything and saw the calories. Okay so it wasn't as horrible as I thought but it wasn't great obviously. Last night I had a Shabbat dinner with friends and I honestly didn't even know how to start counting the calories. We had tilapia, chicken, meat bourekas, mini meat balls, egg salad, regular salad in a lemon juice and oil dressing, yum!), rice, challah, hummus, and a simple chocolate cake. A little wine and it was a wonderful meal. Today I ate considerable better thanks to my mom.

During the week I have a pretty busy schedule which can led to fast food, school snacks, and vending machines. Or it just leaves me ravenous and then I eat snacks with the kids I babysit and while delicious, a lot of them are extremely bad to eat (mac 'c cheese or bagels with cheese melted on top and mayonnaise) . Luckily I have the worlds best mom so she helps me out with eating healthy. She makes a bunch of the food on weekend that can last me 2 weeks or so. She makes the meals for me to eat everyday which are good, filling, and extremely healthy and balanced. Now, I can eat the same thing everyday so for me this is an ideal situation. She makes me a cup of brown rice, 1/2 cup of green peppers, and 1/2 a grilled boneless/skinless chicken breast, sometimes she uses 1/2 a hamburger for variety. It has fiber, protein, a good carb, and is portioned and healthy. I add in 2 tbsp of ranch (sometimes with hot sauce) or 4tbsp of fat free Italian dressing for taste. I have been known to add ketchup in a pinch or soy sauce. The meals are so good, I can microwave them in 2 minutes, and its a huge help to my budget. I snack on Zone bars during the day when I can't grab a meal. Zone bars are my absolute favorite nutritional bar. They taste yummy, have only 190 calories, 12g protien, 6g fat and 22g of carbs. They are good when I can't grab lunch because they fill me up for a few hours and seriously, are REALLY good. I have turned friends and even a teacher on to them. Costco is a great place to get them for a great price too.

I know that me talking about food isn't that exciting but it's good for me to know what I'm eating, why, and I think it's fun to share healthy things. I loved Steph's new blog, Luxe Skinny and really want to try the recipe she posted. I think it's awesome that other bloggers are looking to get healthy.  It is always easier with support which is a big reason why weight watchers work, the support. Well right now I don't have the time/money/I never got into WW but I love having the support of family and friends and bloggers! My first goal right now it to lose about 35lbs but the ultimate goal is to lose about 90lbs.

Steph also linked to this amazing blog, 344 Pounds where this guy named Tyler went from 344lbs to 216 so far and how he did it. He is amazing, inspirational, not to mention cute lol Really though, what an incredible journey that completely motivates and inspires me.

In other news, school starts Monday. I am actually really excited and actually a bit sad since it's my last semester and I will extremely miss the teachers there. My friends I can always see but I love being in the Philosophy department and all the fun we've had. This semester I want all A's so I am willing to work hard and meet my goals. On the fun side, there is a bar near my house and school that does Wednesday night pub trivia and some friends and I are going to start going. Plus a few of my friends and I share 2 or 3 classes so it's going to be a great last semester before I graduate.

Tomorrow is school supply shopping! I have always loved getting new notebooks and pens and whatnot so it's an exciting Target trip for me. I need to get one of those Pledge pet hair things to clean my sofas after Bella. I also need to pick up some more Weight Watcher bagels and some new candles.

Today has been an day of catching up on General Hospital, watching some Law and Order: SVU, cleaning up the apartment, and cuddling with Bella. If you're not my fb friend then you missed how adorable she looks in her winter outfit so here you go...find me a cuter winter dog.


Tyler said...

Ah, I'm cute? Flattering.

Mandy said...

Good for you for getting into shape. I am attempting the same thing. Bella looks adorable!sw