Wednesday, January 6, 2010

let's do this

i started my 101 in 101 and it should be up soon which i'm excited about. i LOVE checking things off a list, so that should be fun to do. i have a dry erase board which keeps me organized and i get such satisfaction when i cross a line through something. it's the little things in life that make me happy. although this week i feel rather lazy since my sleep schedule is a hot mess. i actually miss school. its full or learning and friends and schedules and i actually have really enjoyed it this year.

i am really excited to report that i have lost 5 lbs this week. i think it has to do with tracking what i'm eating which in turn makes me more accountable. it's also really easy to do because it works with an iphone app and so what i update on my computer goes to the app and vice versa. i am trying to eat better this week but i am also eating regular because it's good to see what  i'm eating and how many calories and stuff i eat daily. i can find my problem areas and see what i can keep and what needs to get the hell out of my food. this means you oreos! what i know i love but need to be more careful about is ranch dressing.

i am obsessed with ranch dressing. have you eaten ranch and a baked potato? heavenly! ranch with chicken wings? steak. chicken in general. vegetables. bread. i love it with everything but 2 tablespoons of it is what i should be eating so i've started measuring which helps.

i am looking forward to next week and starting to use the school gym and try a spinning class. i just want to achieve my goals. i know it sounds bad to say but when i am at least back to my lower weight i feel better and look even better (what, i can be conceited, i have a hella cute face and great hair. i would just like to see my shape face and cute chin, not whats going on right now) anyway i want to feel better and i think that, well look, i am not attracted to a certain body type on a guy and so the same goes for guys and while i've never had a problem dating, i do that it narrows my options, being less fit. as a guy i know said, he wanted his mom skinnier/healthier so she could chase his future grandkids around.

i need to get healthy for my future kids and future self. now that my insane schedule is back to normal, i am ready to go.


steph anne said...

Congrats on the 5 pound loss!! :) I'm curious what iPhone app you have?

I agree - that's another thing why I'm doing this now because I want to have children within the next few years.

Good luck!!

Carissa said...

yay for losing 5 lbs! I need to lose some weight too, to get healthy more than anything. some days I am pretty happy with what I see in the mirror, but other days not so much. and I definitely have a problem with the ranch!! ahh! I love it too much too. I think you have a great idea with the food tracking. I should so do that, I just gotta commit to really writing everything down!

Nycole said...

Congrats on the 5 lbs, I'm working on it myself. I'm going to try food tracking, thanks for sharing your success!!