Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new layout, new name, new goals

All around me people are getting engaged and married. The fact is, I'm 26 and its the seemingly "right" time to do it for most of my friends. I am completely happy for them but, obviously, envious as well. I wouldn't say jealous exactly because while I wish it was me in a way, I know the point I am at in my life is not quite there. I have things to do before I am ready for marriage, no matter how much I may feel ready. What I have realized in the last 2 years is that I need to make it happen for myself. Which I am cool with and excited for and why I have decided to do a achieve my goals and go for my dreams. Here we go!

School. This is done really because I am in my last semester and will be graduating in May. Either a year off til Grad School or a Masters in Israel, not sure yet. Either way I want to eventually get a phd and teach ethics to children.

Independence. Well. I live by myself, work hard, and can live alone without relying on takeout food. I am a good cook, clean, and I can live alone happily with Bella.

Health. This is the big one. While I am not unhealthy and don't eat horrible, I need to lose weight. A bad breakup or 3 has left me heavier then I'd like although I do like how I look. So eating right, tracking ym food intake, and using my school gym with all its yoga, pilates, and spinning classes plus my bally's membership will help.  Using Spark People has helped me lose 4 lbs this week and it's free. Win win.

Love. This will happen but I am not looking and I am not settling. I don't need to have sex with strangers or repeats with guys that weren't that exciting. A glass of wine and some How I met Your Mother with Marshall, Ted, and Barney will be just fine thank you. As for the crush at school, I am a definitely just a friend to him. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Friends. No toxic people in my life. Thank goodness the only one who seemed to be creeping in is gone and the past mistakes I am keeping an eye on. Truthfully I am just making more and more new friends at school, well solidifying friendships and I look forward to an amazing semester with them!

So my goals are clear and I will be using this blog to keep track of them and motivate myself. I made a new header and I did a new layout so check it out! I will be starting one of those 'things to go lists soon. Not sure if it will be a 101 in 1001 or a 30 by 30 list but it should be fun.

Happiness really is a journey. I always love what Charlotte says in the "Sex and the City" movie when asked if she's happy. "Not all day everyday...but everyday". That's me. I always feel so blessed I'm an optimist, I don't spend all day bitching and twitter and fb'ing negative things. Honestly some people post every complaint I feel like removing them as my friend. Bad days happen to us all but the more we spread the negative, the harder it is to be positive.

Alright since it's 2:40am it's time to get bella in bed and hopefully me too.


Mandy said...

Happy New Year Tiffany! I'm glad that things are going well for you, that makes me happy. The new layout is fabulous!

KT said...

I love your header - "Happiness is a journey, not a destination..."

Thank you for reminding me that as I head to the West Coast soon!

Best of luck to you in 2010!

Nycole said...

I absolutely love your first paragraph, that sums me up too. I'm 27 and although I'm envious and have dreams and thoughts of marriage I can't imagine it being right for me yet either. Glad to see others feel this way. Great blog!!

Carissa said...

love the new layout and header! so great. I think this one is my fave actually :)

and I totally relate to the everyone around you getting engaged/married thing. (and people getting pregnant!) I feel the same way! I said ditto in my head to every sentence. I'm happy for them but a little jealous too. I want to be married but I know now is not the right time. etc etc. totally totally relate!

molly YEH! said...

i love your goals about friends. no toxic people is right! i'm going to be more aware of that too now!

love the blog.

p.s. i'm from the north shore of chicago too :-)