Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh t mos

So I got my absolutely amazing v-day package from Tabitha at Probably Tabitha and it is absolutely amazing. I have been having a rough few weeks and the fact that she put so much thought into this package really cheered me up so much. I completely love everything inside it and Bella couldn't wait for her toy as you can see. I looked away and she snuck her toy before I could even take the tag off. I like how she acts like she has no idea how that got in front of her. Silly puppy loves that new toy. She also got some chew bones that shes obsessed with and I'm going to have to keep buying as she loves them. For myself, Tabitha got me the perfect candle holders and scented candles that completely go with my living room and look amazing on my new coffee table. As for the other goodies and candies and french manicure kit, I was amazed and my nails look great!

Thank you Tabitha SO much for such a lovely gift that made my week and really helped me get out of this fuck I've been in. Your card was so sweet and I love and appreciate what thought you put in. <3

My crush? Gone. Sad because having a crush is fun but it just wasn't to be. The more I know him the more of a friend he is and the less I like him in a want to occasionally kiss him way. So that's a let down.

School was something I basically was doing nothing (still doing well but just half assing it)  about but I finally am back on track and feeling good and will finish the semester strong. Things I love? Writing a modern philosphy paper that includes, vampires, edward cullen, gerard butler, descartes wearing sweatpants, bad hair dye jobs, just to name a few things and getting a good grade.

I desperately need to go tanning. I did go and get my eyebrows one for $4 in my nieghborhood with a face massage after which was amazing. I love my neighborhood.  They trimmed my bangs, did this thing for blackheads, and it was $14. I will be going back a lot more and I am going to a yelp review, which was how I found them in the first place.

I am currently obsessed with: How I Met Your Mother (I have been for months but still I can't get enough Marshall and Ted), cold grapes from the fridge, the new produce market I found, doing my own french nails (thanks tabitha!!), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, thrift store books (i bought 47 this week), any kind of thrift store purchases, my 2 table from Target for the crazy sale price of $11 after tax, falling in love, friends, cooking (I made yummy stuffed peppers last night), and the smell of glade clean linen candles.

I really want to go to sleep but I'm waiting for laundry to dry. How exciting. I did manage to make myself a HIMYM ringtone and two Seinfeld ones so thats something. I also watched the new episode of Psych but really I am completely craving some new One Tree Hill. I am loving Mondays because of OTH and Life Unexpected. Sorry Gossip Girl but I don't miss you. To not continue with OTH is crazy because it has always been a solid show and the new Melrose Place sucks so get rid of it.

Okay so laundry and sleep and then cleaning tomorrow. I can't wait for my bed to hit the pillow...


Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

What a cute dog. I sure miss Chicago at times. It was so much fun in my younger single days. Enjoy! said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad it arrived; I was beginning to wonder. And I'm glad you liked everything. I realized after I got my package from the person who had me, that I MIGHT have gone a bit overboard with yours, but it was so much fun, and believe it or not, ALL that stuff cost less than $20. I am nothing if not a bargain hunter. :)

ZFrancis said...

That dog looks pretty determined.

Carissa said...

hey you! I know you wrote this post like 2 weeks ago but I still wanted to comment. I haven't been so good at the blogging/commenting thing lately so you'll have to forgive me. I was in a funk too. I think I'm starting to get out of it, which is the good thing. I hope you are feeling better too! don't you love how little packages can cheer you up though? and adorable puppy dogs! :)