Tuesday, April 27, 2010

do you still have my care bear?

So when i think about why I don't blog or why some blogs completely annoy me or for that matter why most people and things annoy me, its really all for the same thing: whining. I hate when I whine and complain and I don't like reading about people who do it constantly. Which is why I realized I don't use twitter because so many people use it to complain and I just don't care. I hate complaining to myself so why in the hell would I want to be constantly updated on your problems with people spoiling Glee or some other show. If you don't want to be spoiled, stay off the site until you watch it or be prepared.Seeing you bitch about it via twitter just shows you need to step away from the internet and into real life.

This leads me of course to all the things I am happy about lately.

Neutrogena Face Cleanser and Moisturizers.

I am 26 and I am a bit embarrassed to admit i am just starting a face routine. I have always had good skin, it's breakout free and soft and I have never bothered about doing anything with it. I mean I seriously don't wash it. I just am pretty whatever about it but Bianca gave me a good and needed wake up call about using moisturizer which is a necessary. So with her recommendation I purchased the Neutrogena SPF one and have been in love ever since. Walgreen's is having a sale on Neutrogena products with a buy one get one 50% so I bought the night time cleanser and a combination skin moisturizer because SPF can clog more pores at night. I seriously don't know what I would do without Bianca and her advice but thank god for her!! So I have a new facial routine and great looking skin with a glow. Win win. Total cost? About $22 with the sale prices.

Jonathan Groff/ Glee
Who doesn't love Glee? I wasn't sure how I felt about Jesse St James played by Jonathan Groff but I am actually pretty sold on him even if he is a maybe bad guy. Kurt's line: No, she's dead. This is her son was ridiculously awesome. I am loving the second half of the season and can't for more. Also there is this amazing Glee drinking game I can't wait to try it out: "Sue says something that would create a lawsuit in a real workplace. So, basically chug whenever she speaks. Sing off . The Parking lot. 5 o'clock.
speaking of Glee...

Jimmy Fallon
Again thanks to Bianca, I get to watch all the hilarious Jimmy Fallon skits. Much like Rober is Bothered, he is a funny and likable guy. Remember he was just an idiot boyfriend?

Joe Manganiello
 So he's clearly gorgeous but he's also a great actor that makes me laugh and I have like for a while. He's been on How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, and will be on season 3 of True Blood. These are my top shows not counting Glee so how can I not love this guy? I loved the character of Alcide in the Sookie Books and can't wait to see how he portrays him. Also, he's Italian, do I really need to say more?

Other things making me happy are....

Some hooks up with a really hot in a scruffysexymasculinesmells sogoodiwanttobitehimandohmygodhisassisperfect isralei. It's sporadic and I often want to kill him but overall it's exciting and forbidden and fun. A completely unpredictable situation but that's okay for now.

I'm graduating in like 2 weeks or less. Crazy!!

I am obsessed with yummy food from Thai Spice. If you're in Chicago go eat here asap for some delicious and tasty thai food. The owner is completely nice and helpful.

I've been tanning and am loving the results. I always feel so good tan. Next is new hair color when I can decide on highlights or dark. I got my eyebrows done yesterday and the girl gives such a great arch and makes them look amazing. Along with a bangs trim and I feel pretty good.
Also something that makes me happy?
This guy.

I picked him up about a month ago in Michigan. I drove about 600 miles total to get him and he is ridiculously sweet. The only problem is he doesn't have an official name. I call him little guy but I want him to have a real name. I want it to be a name and not a verb or action or something, no scamp or rascal or buddy but something nice. Suggestions more than welcome. Bella seems to like him except when she becomes an asshole about sharing food or a toy or me and I tell her no when she gets sassy and then she gets mad at pees on my bed. Not cool. Especially when you don't see this and climb into bed after a long day and a soothing night time routine and feel a wet spot and realize what it is. Or whatever. Either way he's the newest member of my family although Elad bought him he's completely my little guy. 

So that's whats been going on with me. Thanks so much for the comments on my last post. Even though I feel weird about commenting back sometimes, they really meant a lot to me. It helps a lot to know other people feel this way.


Carissa said...

lucky you to have soft, problem-free skin! so jealous! I've had a face care routine since I was, I don't know, 10? 12? haha. but it is super important to moisturize to keep your skin looking as beautiful as it naturally is, so yay for besties making us do things! :)

you made me hungry for Thai food! I haven't had any since I graduated I think... none of my friends eat it! ugh!

btw, congrats on graduating in 2 weeks! so exciting!

and I LOVE your new little guy. he is so adorable! it took us two days and lots of thinking to come up with Hazel's name... it sort of just came to us. so maybe something will just come to you as you play with him and get to know his personality.

you could be totally cheesy and name him Edward... haha, like Bella and Edward. and you could call him Eddie for short. awww... haha.

let us know what you decide!

p.s. I'm always amazed by the random, mundane, and/or whiny/critcal posts that people put on their twitters and facebook pages... (I don't even have a Twitter account!) and how much people update them! I haven't jumped on the bandwagon... at least, not yet!

Kirsty said...

Oh, how I love Glee! You're right, this half of the season is soooo funny. Everytime Sue says Will's hair makes him look like a lesbian, I snort whatever I'm drinking at the time right out of my nose. She is, more or less, my IDOL! I'm so excited for Will and Emma hook ups! (That sounds a bit voyeuristic... but you totally know what I mean!)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Oh my, I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't watched an episode of Glee yet, but I'm jumping on that wagon very soon ! Keep in mind that I just finished watching all the SATC and Gossip Girl episodes .. so I was far behind in everything :P

Congrats on the upcoming graduation, that's a wonderful relief / accomplishement / moment !! Any celebration plans ?

And WOW ! Your little guy is so cute :) Him and Bella look really adorable together ! If he's really sweet you could call him "Cupcake" or "Muffin" but I guess that might not be a "real name". So uhmm, other than those, maybe "Ralph" .. he looks like a ralph to me. lol

Have a great week !

steph anne said...

Joe Manganiello is SOOOOO yummy & HOT! What a nice eye candy for sure!

Congratulations on graduating soon - it's such a great feeling to be completed with school!