Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Confession: I bought a bought a book at Barnes and Nobles just to read and return. A book for teenagers. SO@24 reminded me of the Alice books and there was a new one...

While I was walking into the B&N tonight, I saw a car which reminded me of an ex's mother, who I used to be close with. Does this happen to people? Some cars will just always remind me of my ex boyfriends. I still live in the same area as when I was growing up. My weekly errands and life cause me to occasionally drive where my ex's live/d and hung out and places that I practically lived with some of them.

I cannot see a red ford explorer Eddie Bauer and not think of my crazy ex BS who I have a restraining order against.[He actually made it into the police blotter which was amazing since it stated "Mr. Sxxxxxx was arrested while IMing the victim". Seriously, that still makes me laugh. Chicago cops arresting a guy for IMming.] What's funny is my Mom has the exact same car, color, model, year and everything. She had hers first actually. So she has this car and so does he and they both are in the neighborhood where my Grandma is and I swear, anytime, anywhere I see a red Explorer, I cringe and check to make sure it's not him.

I see Black Honda Civics and Red and think of E. Also when I see my old car model, which he owns now, I always take a glance to see if it's him. Sometimes it is and we laugh and one of us will call each other beep. That is fun actually and always a nice suprise.

The times when I am still friendly with the person always make me feel happy if I see a car or person that looks like them. The instance today though, the possibility of seeing BS's mom was kind of terrifying. She and I parted on good terms but then the whole restringing order thing and I don't know what she thinks of me. When BS was all crazy toward the end and getting abusive she was all for me leaving. She was always a nice lady, if not exactly smart. I wonder what would happen if I run into her. For a 5'2 98lbs lady, she has a crazy temper but can also be just as sweet.

I guess I find it funny what we remember. Cars. Movies we watched with someone. A special restaurant. Music. I wonder what reminds people of me. What songs or items that make them think of me, whether it's my best friend B, or someone I haven't seen in years. I'd like to think when my first bf J sees an Eeyore, a plaid catholic girl skirt, or smells the perfume Angel, he thinks of me. Or when he gets Panda Express since we were at the Mall food court every Friday for like 2 years during high school. I hope people see/smell/hear something and when it reminds them of me its something they are happy to remember.

What do you hope people remember? What are memories that will always be attached to someone?


So@24 said...

You got a new Alice book???


What is this one about?? An Alice for a new age

Chicago Girl said...

It's a wilder more "experienced" Alice and I am happy that Patrick is in this one!!!! It was actually really good lol I still rad them when they come out. Glad your back and had fun at comic con!