Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Confession: I like to send very inappropriate/dirty text messages to T
Confession #2: I am addicted to the 60 calorie fudgsicles

Oh! I realized today that this guy who asked me out while I was at the library this weekend stalked me out on match.com!!!! I joined after my breakup with E for a self esteem boost and this guy was always trying to talk to me. I talked him and found him offensive and pushy. I forgot about him and thought Library guy looked familiar and didn't think anything of it and then realized (and double checked) and it's crazy match.com guy!! AND he lied about his age and said he was 32 and not 36. Eww. So regretting giving my phone number. Seriously though, when he texted me and I politely replied asking how he was, he said "bloated". Ewwww TMI gross gross gross!!

Work was soooo slow. Enough said. Hung out at Target on lunch and talked to E for a while. Miss him a little but not like before. He still wants to come home early. I don't know if it's possible because Air Canada hates me. While I was on the phone, I accidentally muttered under my breathe 'jesus christ' which I didn't think was bad but the guy on the phone commanded I not say that again or he would hang up. I was like, he's not my lord and savior, and it was on. Back and forth and a supervisor and a hang up later, the travel agency girl who was conferenced in and I were in half shock half laughing our asses off. I really would have been polite if he literally hadn't commanded me to not say it and brought religion into his job. All he had to do was ask and not order. He had started off the phone call rude so it just flowed into a river of nasty.

<- Here's what I texted to B today (along with the message "ralph!!") During my Target trip I ended up in the book aisle as always and saw this and knew I had to send her a picture of the Judy Blume classic to cheer her up while she is working as an intern before her last year of law school *shameless plug just to show what a smartie my bff is!!* This book was such a simple and classic story with awesome quotes, about first love and sex. It's totally 70's but I love it. He led my hand to his penis. "Katherine...I'd like you to meet Ralph...Ralph, this is Katherine. She's a very good friend of mine." "Does every penis have a name?"
"I can only speak for my own."

How can you not a book with a quote like that?

It got me thinking though, there are a lot of books for girls growing up dealing with "budding sexuality" and first love and what not. Judy Blume wrote most of them (Are you there God, it's me, Margaret; Deenie; Tiger Eyes, etc) but what books are out there for boys? Are there books all boys read as coming of age or what not? It seems to me like girls get the romance novels and boys gets Playboys. I would love to know if there is a book, or even books, all guys read to learn about sex, love, etc or if they go by their old friends and bothers and magazines? How nice would it be if girls got handed a few more Playgirls and the boys had a book of their own?

I just wonder if how we are introduced to sex doesn't set such a huge tone for dating. Here girls are reading about guys who wants to wait and who don't pressure or leave as soon as you have sex and guys are seeing naked pictures of girls enjoying all sorts of sex and not one mention of feelings. No wonder there is so much miscommunication. I would lov
e some more thought and opinions on this as I am basically thinking this all out loud.

I am listening to Liz Phair's newest album "Somebody's Miracle" and I think it's solid.

Also downloaded some Kate Nash thanks to SO@24's last post.

I am going to dry my hair and put on lotion. Jump into bed with Bella and my newest library book by the awesome Jen Lancaster and then call T for a few "baby, i miss you *kiss kiss*" giggly annoying to anyone else phone calls and go to sleep.

Also, I forgot to introduce the love of my life, the wonderful Bella!!! I adopted her almost 2 Thanksgiving's ago from PetFinder. It's the best site for adoption because it helps you get the breed you want AND save a life. I drove 6 hours each way to the border of IL and KY to get her and it was the best thing I ever did. When I am on the computer she always jumps in between the chair and my back and squeezes herself in. Right now she has put herself to bed. Literally she goes and tucks herself in the bed and waits for me. If I take too long, she comes out to find me, gives me a look and then jumps back under the covers. Cute times a million.


So@24 said...

Not gonna lie... I actually read "coming of age" books for girls when I was in that age. I was curious to see what the big deal was.

"Are you There God" and "Alice in Rapture, Sort Of"

God. My mother must have been so concerned.

Glad you liked the song! And yes, I have that Brooks' song on my iTunes. Do you have "Please Remember Me" by McGraw or "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman. Whew, those are still tough to listen to.

Chicago Girl said...

confessions: i STILL read the Alice books. Can't help but love her. Is it wrong I still want her to end up with Patrick? and i am done being a nerd. but I am going to check out the songs you mentioned. thanks!

bianca said...

OMG when I opened the text you sent me I was laughing for a good 20 minutes. People at work were like "um...are you ok?" and I was like "there is no way you could understand". I was just talking to matt about the book and the "Ralph" quote and he was like "and you were HOW OLD when you read that?!" Hahaha, reading Seventeen magazine when we were 10. We're too cool.