Wednesday, September 24, 2008

luck is preparation meets opportunity

I watch the most awesome 6 year old ever. Here's why.

6yo: Tiffany, why aren't you married because you're 26, right?
Me: um, 25 but anyways, I guess I haven't met the right guy
6yo: Do you want to get married?
me: yes, definitely
6yo: Do you want kids?
me: most definitely
6yo: you'd be a good mom. i wish you were my mom except i still want my mom to be my mom
me: aww, thank you.
6yo: how many kids do you want?
me: 1, 2,3 a few i think
6yo:do you want a house like ours?
me: well i want a big house but it depends on how many kids
6yo: you should have three kids and then swallow the medicine once a month that makes you stop having babies and then you wouldn't have to change houses.
me:*busts out laughing and tries to hide it* you are so right.

So yeah. That little girl is so adorable it's insane! So obviously being a nanny is going pretty awesome and I am really happy. I am SO glad I am doing this and in school and not stuck at my last job being miserable. I am glad I followed my instincts on this. The boys are just as awesome and fun and even playing webkins isn't too bad. By "too bad" I mean awesome.

I cooked for myself last night. Schnitzel, salad, cous cous, Very good if I don't say so myself. Tal comes home tonight so I am really really happy. I love E but the more I know about him, from him,I realize I was apparently in love with someone who I didn't have the whole picture on. Which means that we can have a great friendship but he no longer turns my body on or my heart. Which always has shown me that my heart is in the right place with Tal. I definitely need to save and plan a trip to Israel for December or something when there is a school break.

Roommate situation. I am seriously hoping and praying that Jenn and I become roomies. Honestly, it's a cute apartment with huge possibilities decorating wise and I am awesome and so is she and I think we would be kick ass together, so I think this will work out. Knock on wood here people! No walking under ladders for me this week or breaking mirrors or black cats in my path.

Here are some excerpts from craiglists responses I have gotten.

One situation - visitors OK that's OK with me as much or as little as you want but if they are not paying the bills they don't need to be there when your not home. So when you leave they should to and no If its your boyfriend or what ever its fine if they work hours are different and he leaves a little late but I don't think he should lamp all day while we are at work or school.
lamp? what does that even mean?

I'm 5'7' straight,and i am in south Dokota now ,I will want to move by the Mid of October depending on the availability of the room ,I speaks English fluently ,so we have no barriers.

So. Class time. I will comment back to people later.

gossip girl

wait......that's not me....hmm..and that's the only part of the show I know BUT if Jenn is my roomie I will be addicted like her and B, yay!


Maxie said...

that 6 year old is hilarious. sometimes they can be so smart :-)

Jenn said...

How adorable is that little girl?! I love that she knows about the "medicine" that prevents you from having babies. Actually, on second thought it kind of scares me that she knows that haha!

Um...we're totally awesome and if this works out, I'd pee my pants out of excitement. Not in the apartment of course. We'll have so much fun complaining about chemistry, watching TV and attempting to cook!

Jamie said...

I hope it works out for you and Jenn because then I can come visit :)

And seriously, nannying is the best job. Yesterday, the kid I nanny (3) told me he is "soccering" and the 1 year old was dancing.

I love them!

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

jamie- i hope this works out too!! you definitely would have to come visit a ton!! i am super excited! i love that youre also a nanny too

jenn- we could totoally form the we hate chem club! lol i am excited!

maxie- i just adore you!

So@24 said...

I just need to say that I know you watched Guts.

The fact that you remembered "Mo" has my heart thumping. And you get partial credit for knowing that the host was named "Mike", but his last name was O'Malley.

I spend my days on eBay looking for a piece of the Agro Crag

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

i <3 you. if you some, share it! did you ever watch wild and crazy kids with omar, cuba jr's bro?

bobbie said...

aww, 6 year olds are so cute! i have a niece who is 5 and i never want her to turn into a self-absorbed, bitchy teenager. she should stay 5 forever. :)

your blog rocks! i've been reading for awhile, secretly stalking (hehe).