Friday, September 26, 2008

That's What She Said

So. I miss not having internet at my apt. Hopefully, I will tempt a certain awesome blogger to be my roommate on Sunday by bribing her with baked goods and a nice apt with a lot of possibilities. Then once I have procured said roommate, I can finally order cable and comcast and not be worried about the whole bill by myself. Hopefully she will comment and provide the information of being a cupcake or cookie person, and what kind. *hint hint*

Tal came home Wed night at like 3am. I had to babysit all day because one of the kids got pink eye and needed someone to stay home with him. So I get a phone call from Tal where he tells me the friend he was going to driver to LA with is ready and he would go and then I would see him in LA next week and that's it. Seeing as how he has barely been home I was like, immediately in tears until the next thing he said. He told me even though he was packed he couldn't go so instead he wanted to stay a few more days with me and leave Sunday morning. I would see him on Friday in LA until Monday and then I would come home and he would go to NY and then Israel. I am super upset he is leaving and as much as we want it to work out and for me to come visit him, only time will tell. So I am trying to enjoy what we have and hope for the best. Tonight I am making him spaghetti in meat sauce, garlic bread, wine, and bought a fabulous strawberry shortcake for desert. We are going to the mall and will relax and chill.

I have 2 tests next week and one is a take home which I lost my notes but should still pull an A or B since I am going to meet the teacher and have her look at a rough draft. I have only 1 day or work so that kind of sucks money wise. Jamie-since you are a nanny too, how do you make it on a nanny paycheck. I need a second job here people. Bartender, waitress, or something that can bring in some money, pleasethanksbye!

Did I mention that my little 6yo also saw my cleavage when I was sitting down, in a regular tanktop, nothing crazy, and was like, whats that hole. I was like uhhhhhh. She was really into it but I said it was like a hole or crease like when you bend your elbow. She also asked me if you have to be married to have a baby. Her 12yo bro was like, "thats not something you should know about yet, when you're older we'll tell you" lol but I just told her that for me, I would need to be married with a baby. And now I've just jinxed myself lol. Thank goodness I have the IUD lol.

I missed The Office and Grey's Anatomy ad had to read my recaps at TelevisionWithOutPity to get me by but I think they are recorded at E's so I need an excuse to go over and watch.

Anyway. Class time in a sec but.....

I want to say something here. I love you guys in the blogging world. I love that people actually care and worry and send best wishes. I went to an all girls high school and have always loved being a part of genuine girls that care and want the best. As you get older that gets more and more rare. My best friend is the most amazing girl in the world and while I talk to her every day (if not a few times a day) my other friends have become people I talk to less frequent. While the strong connections are there and I love them like crazy, I miss having girlfriends and guy friends (so@24!) that I know whats going on and care and get to kind of share an everyday friendship, if you will. I know I haven't met you guys but you make me days brighter with your comments and concern and fun attitude. Your blogs are insightful, interesting, wonderful, sometimes crazy but always a highlight of my day. I hope I get to meet you all. So, thank you guys for being who you are and not afraid to share it!


Jenn said...

1. I'm digging this layout.

2. Cupcakes, cookies, whatever. You bake it and I will eat it. But you don't have to bribe me. Assuming you don't try to kill me and promise that the minute I move in I will have internet access (omg I will die without it) I'm yours.

3. Good luck on your tests. I have a feeling I failed 3 out of 4 in the past week. I'm awesome like that. If I move in, it's your duty to make sure I'm studying.

4. Boys schmoys. LDRs are hard. I spent the last two years in one. If you ever need to vent, cry or just need someone to make you laugh, let me know!

Jamie said...

I use to do really good with nannying but this semester my hours were severely cut. I went from working 3 12 hour days to 1 10 hour day. I'm struggling right now and definitely need to pick up some more hours or another job.

It's totally frustrating :(

So@24 said...

Oh what? I don't get bribed to be a roommate?