Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coach Bull huh? I know your full name!

The lovely Estella from Notes From a Lost 20-Something tagged me for a meme! I have never been tagged before so this is very awsome!!

Here are the rules:

1.Link to the person that tagged you
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3.Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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-when i was younger my parents told me that the highest score in mini golf won. i thought this was true until i was 12 and finally played with someone outside my family and my friend rachel was like " sorry, it's the lowest score"

-i never take my contacts out. i do eveything with them. maybe once every few weeks do they come out. it's so bad to do but i keep forgetting to make an appt for glasses and i hate when i can't see so in they stay.

-i can pretty much quote the movie Ladybugs verbatim. If you don't know what Ladybugs is, stop reading and go rent that classic. Come on, Rodney Dangerfield and Jonathan Brandis? Forget about Back to School, Ladybugs is the much better movie. Also including the mom from Mr. Belvedere and the amazing Jackee!

-i am obsessed with books. i read about 6 books a week at least. ranging from classics to chick lit to mysteries to best sellers. when i walk into a book store, it's like porn for me. i can't get enough, i don't know where to go first, and i want to touch everything. thank god for the library otherwise i would be superbroke. as it is, i have so many books, i have filled a closet in my bedroom with them. (note to self: get more bookshelves)

-i always sleep on my side of the bed, left. i never venture to the middle. i also never move so making my bed in the morning takes 1 second.

-i am a popculture junkie. it for some reason was made for my. i know who, what when, what movie they were in, what tv cameo, their lives, etc. i know songs, who wrote themm why, who the artist was dating, the time. i know movies, quotes, behind the scenes. i know lyrics. i know the most useless things but i don't try to know, it just seeps in.

I tag....

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Jenn said...

I believed the same thing about golf. In fact, I wish I didn't know any better. I'd rather believe that I won even if I didn't haha!

I also have a difficult time straying from my side of the bed.

Bobbie said...

I love books the same way you do. I'm like a junkie. And I always keep library books way past their due date because I check out too many of them at once. I have probably paid a small fortune in late fees to the Chicago Public Library.

I have seen you tagged me! I will do the meme later today :)