Friday, October 17, 2008

You know what the best thing about having my best friend is? When the happily engaged best friend offers to change her facebook status to be in a relationship with you because you are sad about breaking up with your bf. Could she be any cuter and more of a bestie? I don't think so. We also decided that when she comes home for winter break to treat ourselves to a really fancy dinner, nice food and wine, and looking fierce (love you tyra!). I am really excited as this will be out last unmarried girls winter together and we definitely deserve a treat.

Who makes friends with the employees at their local Blockbuster? I do! Can I tell you that at like 10:30 last night I totally showered and went to my Blockbuster hoping my fav girl Danielle would be there? Which she thankfully was. This girl is fabulous because she always gives me good recommendations on movies, good gossip, and just is such a cutie! I have totally come to love her and last night we exchanged phone numbers so yay for new friends! she also knows about the whole Tal leaving to Israel thing so she helped me pick some good movies to cheer myself up. I rented Bride & Prejudice (no, not a typo), You Don't Mess with the Zohan (although really, should I be watching a movie about an Israeli), and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Obviously I have a big weekend planned lol.

Actually this weekend I am seeing my friend Colleen tonight and then have to babysit tomorrow night. We were supposed to go to this corn maze thing is some random suburb which would have been fun and scary but I need some $ so babysitting it is.

Who in Chicago wants to do a Haunted House? I am dying to go to one! Let's talk people. Other fall activities I am up for includes, pumpkin carving, apple picking, corn maze's, etc etc. I LOVE fall and think some nerdy/awesome activities are in order? You know I am going to try and make Jenn do this with me. Jamie Lovely and Jess, I am looking at you ladies as well!

I am currently reading "Love the One your With" by Emily Giffin and fuck me if I don't want what the character has. I so would move to Atlanta and live in a big house with my sister nearby and an adoring husband and start making babies.

I am not gonna lie people, I want to finish school, get married, and have some babies and a cute labrador/golden retriever. I want to travel after college or in between and then settle down. I want to fall ridiculously in love. I am open for anything at this point because life is about possibilities and keeping a good attitude.

Class time. Chemistry, ugh. I just take notes and give the annoying know it all guy the evil eye all class. Also the 2 girls who sit behind me and talk about the one girls on and off cheating relationship and then shout out wrong answers make me want to bang my head against the desk repeatedly.

On the bright side, I got q 20/20 on ym logic quiz with the comment "keep on rocking" lol.


Jenn said...

The man friend and I are planning on carving some pumpkins. He's old and hasn't done it in forever. I think we should get some extras and you can join us! It'll be a crapload of fun! Then we can bake the seeds. Mmm...

Mandy said...

Best friends are awesome like that! Make sure you throw mani/pedi's in with that fancy dinner, wine and lookine fierce. Haunted houses are always fun.