Friday, April 10, 2009

baby, do the drugs make it better?

oh bella. when i get my allowance, do i buy myself cute things? do i rush to forever 21 or barnes and nobles or to buy new shoes? no. i buy you a dress and matching blanket. i buy you a new leash so you can go farther when i take you out. i buy you new bones. i buy you a kong to freeze with peanut butter so you're not totally bored when i'm gone. my mom says your cage is like a mini bedroom in my room. i love you silly pup.

oh target. i went looking for a microwave and instead found myself browsing through your books. i glance at nick and norah's infinite playlist and open to a random page. what do i find but this page which talks about norah and an israeli name tal. something these happen and you hurt and feel good at the same time. tal apparently doesn't want know how to talk to me because he feels so bad. how about not talking makes it work. whatever. we do the best we can.

on a different note, people really surprise you. seriously, maybe it's my background but there are somethings i just wouldn't do. i am basically wondering if this was intentional or not. time will tell i suppose.
also tonight at target my mom bought me Love Story. a sweet little $5 treat. love her! we didn't find a microwave and she was all appalled at 10% sales tax so she's getting one in wisconsin when she's there tomorrow. she is one good mom. pretty much the best.

i plan on checking this place plus some others out soon. i have big designs for my kitchen and am looking to find somethings i can refurbish and make adorable. i am definitely in the mood to make a change and go for what i want...cheaply. i am looking for other rooms of the apt too but for now the kitchen is my goal since it's basically a blank canvas and theres a lot to work with.

sometimes all you need is peace and quiet.

sometimes all you need is your dog.

sometimes all you need to do is look in the mirror and smile.

sometimes you need to make a playlist and go to sleep.

sometimes you need to put up something that asks:

does anyone want/know anyone who wants to adopt 2 (or 1) adorable rabbits? my friend's wife is pregnant with her 3rd child and the rabbits are too much work for her since her husband travels. i am looking for a wildlife place or something to take them but they are great pets. so...let me know!

sometimes all you need is some chicago rock.


Mandy said...

I love thrift store and antique store shopping. You never know what you are going to find!

Kylie said...

Thrift stores really are the best. I love finding old frames that I can repurpose. Mandy's right, you never know what you'll find!

Andy said...

I've yet to meet thrift shops in this country. When I go to France, I'll let you know what I think of them.

Carissa said...

I totally do the same thing you do with bella. I buy Hazel toys and treats and sometimes clothes when I can't even afford to buy myself anything! ah, but I love her, so that's my excuse. you're so right: Sometimes all you need is your dog. (I also agree that sometimes all you need is peace and quiet. I'm so there.)