Sunday, April 12, 2009

if I could dream, it would be about you.

this is in my kitchen and i thought that something inspirational would be nice to see. i usually write really straight but sometimes it's good to be imperfect. i don't know if im going to change it each week or for every month. oh. idea!!

leave me your fav lyrics/quotes/whatever that inspire you or something you love and i'll keep it on there and post a pic when i write it!!

i always love a nice fridge. clan or full, i can be an admirer. right now i have only a few things but everything is healthy and yummy and i am happy. i have the chicken/brown rice/green pepper meal my mom makes for me. low cal and delicious it's what i live on. brita water and some bottled water my mom also got me. add that to some yummy pico de gallo, some salads i made, and eggs because they are good in baking and that's what i eat. the only other thing i love is sweet potatoes but they don't go in the fridge but i will be making some sweet potato fries this week.this girl @wannaberealitysuperstar is amazing and i get to see her next week. bacci and bella totally need hangs. plus with my bestie in cali, i need someone to come watch top model with me and drink wine and yell at the tv. k is a genuine and sweet person who has a huge heart with a side of awesome and sassy served with sugar on top! i look forward to talking to her more and laughing my ass off!!

  • blog rules are stupid
  • moms are the best
  • wtf bret michaels. wtf.
  • LOVE tough love and my fake tv bf steve ward!!

  • vh1 reality is the best by far
  • i am on a very fucked up sleep schedule
  • i don't care because i'm happy and not stressed
  • i forgot that i like living alone so much
  • i LOVE my new microwave
  • i made cupcakes that are kosher for passover and still yummy
  • i miss him
  • i had breakfast with my dad at omega
  • i do not hook up. oh kelly!
  • also kinda love that pink is back with cary hart. i wish jessica had gotten back with nick.

and im done!


Kylie said...

I wish my fridge looked half as clean & organized as yours!! I guess I know what I'm doing today!!

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

Your refrigerator is beautiful. I want mine to look like that.

It's so beautiful.

Andy said...

OMg. I didn't know what Pico de Gallo was, until I googled it and I realized we call it "Chirimol".

I know, I know. Complicated.

And why can't I live in Chicago? I'd totally become your roommate like, super fast. I enjoy those TV shows, I clean after myself and I'm always happy. I'm not gay, but well, that's not THAT important, right?

K said...

ya, we need to all shack up. im not always happy but trying! i will admit to my faults, keep a clean house, and drink a lot.

cant wait to hang out!

Carissa said...

your fridge--it's cleanliness and contents--puts my disorganized, sorta-unhealthy fridge to shame!

I also made cupcakes, but they weren't kosher... they were colorful ones for Easter

I laughed when I read this "i wish jessica had gotten back with nick" because I wish that too! :)

as for a fave quote, I like a lot, but here's one for you that I read years ago, in a magazine I think!

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." -Lao-Tzu, founder of Taoism