Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

i know the carpenters were california people but this song is so chicago. rain makes me not want to leave my house.

i think my wedding song will be "we've only just begun". is it to early to think of that considering how the only men in my life are fictional? [looking at you chuck bass, edward, cappie, and now fisher on greek].

who's listening to burt bacharach, perry como, dionne warwick, the carpenters, elvis, tom jones, neil diamond and loves it? me. it makes me want to live in a simpler time. well. not really but maybe have the time machine you can go and have an experience and then come back to your regular life. oh, forever in blue jeans.

i was talking to andy tonight and i realized i have some goals i didn't even think of.

during the next year this is what i'd like to accomplish:
  • finish school by next may
  • learn to speak conversational hebrew and read hebrew
  • apply to masters programs in israel or apply for a work program
  • finish conversion to judaism
  • live in israel for a year.
my newst obsession? this amazing tumblr by mandy and nora called leave happier. need a pick me up or smile or just feeling good? go there. love it mandy!!!

don't judge me lol.


Andy said...

1. That pic is just adorable.

2. I'm not seeing "visit Andy in Lyon" anywhere in that list, missy.

Kylie said...

Very cute pic!!
I am also loving on Mandy & Nora's new tumblr! Awesome!

Steve said...

No offense to this new Fisher ... but ... he's not that cute. He's average at best, and that's compared to the rest of the world. On a college campus, he's not even CLOSE to being hot enough to make a whole sorority lose their shit.

That said - if he can inspire more episodes of Rebecca in a nightie acting all saucy ... then I fully support him.

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

I also love listening to Burt Bacharan, Elvis, Tom Jones and many more.. (namely Carly Simon, the 5th dimension, etc.)

Call me cheesy !

Carissa said...

ok, that pic of bella is just too adorable for words!!

I also dislike rainy days-- I am such a California girl!-- and Mondays! Mondays are the worst!

your goals for next year make me feel like I should be doing more with my life! haha

and thanks for sharing that tumblr. I really did leave it feeling happier! I love inspiring quotes and photos...

Mandy said...

I am a huge Carpenters fan.

Thank you so much for your words about the tumblr site! Nora and I are incredibly excited about it. I'm happy that you are too!

nory said...

your dog is soo cute!
Rainy Mondays get to me too and so glad you love our Tumblr (i'm nora!). I'll be reading your blog more often =)