Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i got time, i'm so impatient, i'd just like some information

new pillow- $7.50 at marshalls
10 used books from salvation army and the library for $5
12 pack of corona-$12
cranberry juice-$2.39 for a big bottle
4 baking trays-$2 at dollar store

tonight was a good night. love buying things on sale.
bella is staring at me.
i bought a book on how to teach her tricks.
i LOVE the tinted windows song "messing with my head"
tuesday has no good tv shows.
thank goodness for books.
i should be sleeping.


Kylie said...

My Hubby keeps calling me "nerd" b/c I have been reading almost non-stop since I've been off work! I don't care! I tell him it's a FREE form of entertainment! It just doesn't get any better than that!!

Mandy said...

On sale is the only way to buy things! =)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

what's the first trick you wanna teach Bella ?

Carissa said...

what a cute pillow! adorable and affordable, nice!

good luck teaching bella tricks! Hazel has learned to sit, stand up, lie down. She knows words like "walk" and "toy," "mommy" and "daddy" (and some bad words like "no!" and "bad girl" haha)... oh, I did teach her "high five!" it is too funny. she uses both paws, but it is still just as cute! she is pretty smart but I say she has selective listening ;)