Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes.

(stole this from carissa@ the lovely dove who got it from Craig Damrauer @ new math

so right now i am loving
  • the disney channel
  • watching hsm videos on youtube while driving (don't judge)
  • princess diaries 2 (just saw it)
  • my mom (as always)
  • bianca's save the date card
  • antm reruns on oxygen
  • "The #3 thing i'm gonna work on... is the way I talk to people. I'm a work in progress... LETS GO PEOPLE!!!"- p diddy's twitters @ iamdiddy
  • my library card
  • gchats with andy @ life isnt so terrible after all
  • a clean closet
  • stress reducing massages
  • myself
so school and no work and pesach/passover and just looking forward to the next few weeks. some changes going on, new roommate, school ending, projects, papers, a lot of shenanigans. bella's dad is in miami where i wish i was but in a month i'll be on my first ever california trip to see my bestest friend in the universe for her bridal shower!! california watch out! summer school with start in a month and a half or so and woah i think i have a test tomorrow in earth science. better study tonight after i finish clearing off my bed!

okay so i love andy because while on the gchat (i sound like an old person, while "on the line"..but i digress) we got on the topics of dogs and rescue dogs and i totally emailed the shelter where i got bella and asked about where her brother is or if her mom is still around and the lady got right back to me and says she is going to look up the records so maybe i will know and even see one of bellas family members!!!!!

so i bought a wig and LOVE it. my friend lital and i went to 'hooker row' where the pros shop (how law and order of me!) and i found this fabulous wig for only $20 that everyone thinks is real.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye."


Andy said...

Hahahaha... Ok, I KNOW we're gchatting right now, BUT come on. I had to comment.

So... Glad thinks are looking up, you deserve it girl :D

Love you chica!

Carissa said...

that was my fave new math, glad you stole it! :) I love cats but being a relatively new puppy owner, I realize now there is a difference...

anyway, that would be so amazing if you could find/see bella's family! sometimes I wonder what my puppy's parents look like because Hazel, that's her name, is so gosh darn cute! haha. I have a little family tree with the names of her family members though, so that's pretty cool.

oh, and I too enjoy a clean closet. funny how walking into a clean room with clothes in their proper place can make me feel so much more organized and stress free!

good luck with everything coming up and also know that even if I don't always comment, I always read :)

Shannon said...

That is a pretty realistic looking wig! Nice job picking it out, it looks great on you! :) It's always fun to have a different look while still being able to go back to the original!

And I love the disney channel too :)

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

Miss Piggy knows how it goes.

Also, the wig is fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is this Hooker's Row? I would love to visit this magical place!

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

hookers row is on milwaukee by divison. its not for hookers, its a place where they shop, you can get wigs, fun stuff, etc.

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Fun wig, looks good and pretty real !

P.S. Miss Piggy's right !