Thursday, April 16, 2009

important people

10:30 PM me: yopu know whats stupid
why the hell isnt there a movie of "forever"
why the hell havent i seen this!!!!!
10:31 PM Bianca: WTF
when was that?!
10:32 PM me: this was michael!?!?
Bianca: no no that's all wrong!
me: he has perex gay face
10:33 PM Bianca: we HAVE to find that
maybe a library?
10:34 PM oh wait
he was almanzo on little house
i kinda loved him then
10:37 PM video clip!!

10:38 PM Bianca: HAHAHAHA
10:39 PM me: omg this is soo funny
Bianca: haha "i won't get pregnant again...unless i want to"
10:40 PM me: hehhe
10:41 PM bullshit they met in a store not on the street
hallmark cards people!!

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