Tuesday, April 21, 2009

only god can judge me- tupac

i get excited when people don't want to blog anymore. sounds weird, right? don't get me wrong i miss the bloggers when they stop but usually it means something is going right for them and they don't have the time to blog. sometimes it means something bad and i hope they are relying on real life friends to get them through.

blogging is great and you meet people you wouldn't but there is just more to life that it. there's a life out there to be lived and sometimes it feels good to be so tired from the days events you want to sleep, not blog.

blogging can definitely become not fun. it makes me sad when there is pressure to make it great., fuck that. i will post a gchat that makes me laugh even if no one else does. thats how i roll bitches.

but seriously, with all that shit from miss musing plagiarizing, that was some messed up shenanigans. especially since Ashley met her in real life. the thing is, you may know a blogger and love them and see pics and meet them but you still might not know them. they still might only show a side they want you to see. you can think they are one way but they can be opposite. often i think there are little cracks if you look for them.

still lets be honest bla blah blog for myself, most people are bullshit when they say that. if you really want to vent, do you REALLy rush to the blog or only when its about the person you usually vent to? i always first go to my best friend and friends and then blog. i don't rush to my blog for sympathy.

love me hate me whatever. i love most people and some i dont. so what? not all bloggers like each other. there are some bloggers i completely cant stand and you couldn't pay me to read. some are always complaining. some are always asking fucking questions and i'm like wtf, is this a personal blog to vent or a forum. yeah i think questions are great but not ever single post. i get confused. am i reading a blog which is someones outlet or a way for them to make friends on the Internet?

seriously i know i sound bitchy but these are my fucking issues. i am sick of people pretending to be who theyre not on blogs. or blogs pretending to be personal when they clearly are not. and seriously? not everyone is going to become big or famous from there blog. and some completely will. the ones that do blog for themselves and arent asking me a million questions. best blog in my opinion? jen lancaster from jennslynvania.
fuck dooce. i said it. i do not get at all why people act like she is the best thing since chuck bass. she clearly is not.

give me bight lights big ass or pretty in plaid or some such a pretty fat anyday.


Mandy said...

It is sad about the miss musing incident that you think you know someone only to find out that they are completely different. I think most of us are genuine people though. I do always enjoy reading what you have to say! One of these days we shall gchta.

Kylie said...

I was shocked about the miss musing deal. Who has the time and energy to completely copy other peoples blogs?! I agree with you about dooce too. Not my cup of tea.

I prefer to just blog about whatever has been on my mind. Sometimes I vent, share good news, share bad news and maybe show off my stitching skillz. ;) lol
I really just do it for no reason at all. I just do it!

I love reading your blog because I believe you are honest and straight forward in your posts. Every. Single. One.

Keep up the great work!!

Andy said...

I know about Miss Mussing! Completely weird!

PS. You know I'm dumber IRL, but I hope that doesn't turn you off.