Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i didnt invent the rainy day. i just own the best umbrella.

i defy you not to laugh out loud the whole time. defy you!!

my dad sent me this. makes sense. love it.

notice it's almost famous AND bianca. 2 things i most definitely love.

my hair. makeup. and the expression on my face.

true blood and sookie stackhouse. can't wait for season 2!!!
(i love you free hbo thanks to comcast!!)
school has started and i am currently taking 3 of the 7 for this summer. i am pretty excited for the history of the holocaust class. stats seems okay so far, it's basic and the homework has been informational and okay to do. test next monday! tomorrow i have a to do list and i hope to cross a lot of things off. tonight i went bowling and drank with some friends which was nice. a glass of wine and a score of 75, hot lol. also hot? being ravished in my kitchen and dirty sexting (sex + testing, thanks tyra!).

a lot of people are having a hard time sleeping, including myself. cure? making my room SUPER cold and climbing under the blankets with bella.


Mandy said...

Love that first picture! Hahah, so true. Your class on the holocaust sounds like it would be a great one. I did a lot of research on and around that topic for three years I was in college.

Katelin said...

i love the zack video, totally made my day yesterday.