Friday, June 5, 2009

the talking leads to touching

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so if you follow on me on twitter @chicagogirl then you know i had absolutely amazing sex the other night. here's what happened and how i was completely shocked.

so after some texting with tj, he asked me if i wanted to come over and watch a movie and i ended up going over to his apt to hang out. the girl mayan is seeing, vicca, was there and i get along with her great so that was nice. we first decided to go to ihop [mayan just wanted us to see tj's audi so thats why we went, the car is amzing though]. after ihop we head home and played call of duty. vicca is super adorbale and cheered me on as we played. girls clearly are awesome. [side note, i NEVER understand girls who don't get along with other girls]. eventually vicca and mayan went into his bedroom and tj and i were in the living room.

the thing is this: i cannot have good sex with someone i am not completly comfortable with and i wasn't sure what my comfort level was with tj. after hanging out more and talking and talking about how i felt, i have been feeling really good around him lately. he is a really interesting and funny guy. we talked about how i felt and i explained that if i am not comfortable i will be so bad in bed. literally i'll lay there super bored and barely move. if i am into it though, watch out, its awesome. another thing was, i like him but i just am not looking for somehting serious because it's not the right point in my life. turns out he feels the same way, that he is not looking for something serious. since we are on the same page, i feel alot better about the whole situation.

so we talked and talked and i was like hey roll a joint. so i smoked and we chilled and evenutally mayan came out of his bedroom for some water and sat for a few. when he went back to his room, tj and i just started making out. we were on the sofa but i was like, you know what, fuck this, let's go to your room. cause comfy bed > sofa anyday. so we made out for like forever and ever and it was so hot with some hair pulling and biting and hands everywhere and tongues and yeah. hot. eventually it got kind good for me because that guy can down like a champ. and 2 orgasms later i was like fucking useless but still returned the favor.

oh! so he wouldn't have sex with me because he said we should wait for next time until i was more comfortable. some more making out and whatnot later, i finally got him to just do it. and yeah. WOW.

so at this point it was 5am and i had to work at 7:30 so i couldn't stay. i love sex with friends when it means we can have hot sex and laugh [it was hot when he saw my star tattoo that's hidden. definitely a turn on for him]. so he called me yesterday and texted me and he was really into it. we talked today and i had texted me and he didn't respond until later and was like im sorry and called me twice and was super nice. above and beyond because i wasn't even trippin. oh hes been out of town since yesterday morning until tomorrow night sometime. we are supposed to see a movie and it definitely looks like the hangover since everyone is loving it in their reviews.

tonight i hung out with lior and we went to tgi fridays and talked for a few hours.

i also bought these hot ass shoes!

they are something fierce!

i finished "living dead in dallas" and will get the 3rd sookie stackhouse book tomorrow. i also got
adventures in babysitting" which is a fabulous movie. serious classic.

work in 6 1/2 hours so sleep time with bella!!

hope the vegas ladies are having a fabulous time!!!!


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

OMG That's awwwwesome ! So happy for you, it sounds like it was amazing :) Keep him closeby, he clearly knows how to make himself useful, haha !

Hot boots !

+ you should see The Hangover, it's hilarious and I don't usually like dumb jokes but those just cracked me up !

Kylie said...


Glad it's worked out with TJ. He sounds really sweet and nice. Oh yeah, and HOT! ;)

Rachie said...

Hey Tiffany, just wondering if you're still interested in a custom wordpress blog design. If so I'll need to get you back on the schedule. Let me know!

Steve said...

Wait wait. Is this a different TJ? Or did I wake up in 2004?