Friday, February 27, 2009

ender will save us all

current playlist
my eyes adored you-franki valli
in bloom-nirvana
all i want-stained
say hello wave goodbye- david gray
down the road-kenny chesney
sometime around midnight-the airborne toxic event
apples peaches pumpkin pie- jay & the techniques
you beat me to the punch-mary wells
ode to kevin arnold-ludo

friend: I think things are okay for now, but we'll wait and see
me: ill send you good karma
i myself have resorted to flirting with boys who are going to be gym, no i mean "physical education" teachers and are probably all of 19 or 20

so i have a kind of crush on a boy. remember my last crush? well apparently my friend kendra did because as i told her of my maybe new crush she's like "make sure he isn't gay" which is exactly what bianca told me too. sad news bears! kendra and i usually eat together tuesday and thursday after class in the school cafeteria. today was the awesome taco salad day. i honestly cannot resist. i mean, look at that soft, flaky, and crispy shell? where can you buy that? no where? exactly. but i digress.

so were in line and i see maybe crush and we say hi and talk and he tells me he said hi to me when i was walking down the aisle in the lecture hall but i didn't hear him and i'm like oh and there was a lot of eye contact. and in earth science lab class he does share his answers with me and talks alot so. also i did manage to have my arm fro the shoulder to elbow up against his when i was checking something and he left the pressure there so yeah! i am 13 again! he is a little taller then me. skinny but built. shaved head. adorable smile. thought he was stupid but apparently he is smart. whatever. i am not going to date or have sex but i can have a little crush. right? hell yes.

i am trading songs through grooveshark with patrick right now. due to seattle time hes up and i am and it's rather nice. its fun to see what else someone loves, that speaks to them, music is pretty awesome that way. oh he sent me his fav deathcab and i like it! also arcade fire is something i like but had only heard of and not to before.

i went to mayan's tonight and had a long talk with his gf. it was really nice and i am glad we got closer. she honestly is so much nicer then i thought she would be and i told her that. she is a great person and i am excited to get to know her more. she has a heart of gold. seriously her compassion for animals is extraordinary. she's like a hip annie kane (hahha b).

omg. angel by robbie wiliams!! this was SO my sex jam with the first bf. we used to "make love" to this lol. like cd player, candles, all slow, and this is on a friday night with my mom in the next room. apparently after like a year she figured better we were having sex safe in the house and she knew where i was. poor mom. for her that was a hard decision. i was a bad kid.

omg again! the dawsons creek soundtrack!! i loved this song!! wow this brings me back to my breakup around christmas. oh jeez, next song?

i went link crazy in this post!

tomorrow is work and some errands and dinner with thomas.
i need to refill my awesome new humidifier! look at how cute he is! when he emits the moisture it looks like steam from his nose. adorable!!

"Another belief of mine; that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise."
Margaret Atwood


Kylie said...

I love your humidifier! I saw those online and wondered if hubs would think I was CrAzY!?!? TOO CUTE!!! Have a great weekend!!

Andy said...

That humidifier = LOVE.

Oh, and now, everytime I hear Angel I'll think of you. Not making love, but just you.

Oh, and you're totally entitled to have a crush. We all are.